A Dazzling Ring For That Special Someone!

All you need is a solitaire diamond ring for sealing the bond with that special someone! Well, not really. But seeing a sparkling stone adorning your finger will certainly delight you. A perfect ring strikes the right balance between an amazing design and great clarity. It is more than a mere piece of jewellery or a wedding band. In fact, it is a sign of pure emotion, commitment, and love.

Choosing engagement rings or wedding bands is obviously no child’s play. It takes a lot of consideration and patience. Because ultimately, you will be the one who has to wear a ring that symbolizes your relationship and also, your personality! So, you can either give your man some pointers when it comes to ring-shopping. Or better still, go ahead and make the choice for yourself!

People are now experimenting with different cuts, types, designs of both wedding and engagement rings. For making the ring selection process easier for you, take note of the following points –

Mettle of the metal – Be it wedding bands for couples or a simple stone studded ring, it is the metal that has to be of supreme quality. While Platinum rings are quite durable, you can always opt for classic metals like 18k Yellow Gold rings. White Gold and Sterling Silver metal are other classy choices which are also ideal for couple rings.


Sparkle of the stone – Do you want subtly colored silver gemstone rings or something comprising of bold gemstone hues? Whether it’s a solitaire or heirloom-inspired vintage platinum wedding bands, it is the stone’s clarity that matters. If the diamond has few imperfections, then it will have the highest clarity! When buying that perfect ring, the term that you must look and ask for is inclusions. Lesser the inclusions, the better it is for you! And this applies for wedding bands for couples, as well.



Brighten the hue – You can easily identify a high graded diamond by its lack of colour. Nevertheless, be a bit adventurous with gold gemstone rings with a fiery colored stone in the middle, further dotted with tiny diamonds. What is even better is that there are endless choices of gemstones from which you can make the perfect ring selection. Amethyst, Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald, Garnet, Topaz – these are just some of the many colourful gemstones available at your disposal!


Note the cut – The best engagement rings will have an exceptional cut along with having a perfect symmetry. A well-cut ring will have a smooth, polished surface minus any scratches. It will also evenly reflect light which will certify its high quality.

No matter which ring you choose or is chosen for you, it should always make a distinctive statement. Be creative with uniquely designed vintage or antique rings which you can match with your better half! And be experimental with innovative designs and motifs on the rings. Because a perfect ring for that special someone is forever!