A royal affair – Grand wedding jewellery

A wedding is a beautiful moment, not only in the bride and bridegroom’s lives, but for everyone involved with the wedding. We all want to look our best at every wedding, and in 2018, the royal look is in. Go all out with your wedding jewellery, bringing back the era of Maharajas and splendour of the kingdoms.

We’ve decoded some of the royal looks for you to embrace this upcoming wedding season.

The Mughal influence

Mughal jewellery has some of the finest, most intricate work on it, including the kundan and polka styles of jewellery. When they came to India, their designs were influenced by traditional Indian wear, and a confluence of Mughal motifs, which are mostly floral. Along with the heavy use of gold in India, these created some of the most beautiful jewellery designs. Jade and emeralds are very popular stones used in Mughal style jewellery. Chokers, chaand baalis and maatha pattis in kundan work, along with a classic cocktail ring will set you up perfectly in the most delicate royal style there is. You can pair it up with traditional wear in pastels for a very vintage appeal.

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Diamond emerald floral necklace

The Colonial style

The British Raj in India left behind a very unique but classic style of dressing. Chiffons, floral prints, and delicate charms were the talk of the town at every event. Both the British and Indian princesses alike loved the mix of western and Indian in their jewellery and dressing style. White diamonds set in gold are the most popular designs of the Colonial period. Elaborate chokers encrusted with diamonds, stud earrings heavy with diamonds, and bracelets that glimmer subtly in the night light are your ornaments if you prefer this minimalist style of jewellery. Bring out the royalty in you with lace blouses and chiffon saris, paired with diamond ornaments and an elegant hairdo.

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Diamond Choker Necklace

Native Dynasties of the South

We’ve stayed true to our roots in the South, and still wear the traditional jewellery that were worn by our forefathers and those before them. A beautiful mix of temple jewellery of the Chola dynasty, royal emblems of the Vijayanagara Dynasty, and a whole lot of bits and pieces from other dynasties, that have created an amalgamation of classic gold jewellery in beautiful designs with deities and symbols of nature. If you prefer traditional jewellery and still want to look royal, this is your way to go.

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Gold pacchi necklace haram

The Nawabi influence

The Nawabi style comes in a league of its own, since the Nawabs of Hyderabad only made customised designs in famous Hyderabadi pearls, embedded in silver. Every woman loves pearl jewellery, and you can take a leaf out of their book with some lovely pearl jewellery designed for that royal touch. Exquisite anklets, long pearl necklaces, earrings and rings in silver with pearls either dangling or embedded are a class apart. You can pair them with royal fabrics like velvet, silk in deep shades of maroon and blue that will make you stand out from the crowd.

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Pearl Necklace with ruby stone

India is a country with great royal history, which we are all very proud of. A lot of our jewellery is inspired from various royal houses and dynasties, making you look beautiful at every wedding you are part of.