All you Need to Know About Engagement Rings

Did you know that engagement rings were actually a marketing campaign started by the famous diamond mining company ‘De Beers’, to promote the sale of diamonds. Today it has become a culture by itself; no proposal is complete without the perfect ring to match. If you’re on the lookout for a gorgeous engagement ring to surprise the love of your life with, you’re at the right place. We’ll tell you everything you need when you are choosing an engagement ring right here!


Which metal do you pick?

Well, obviously, the first and foremost point is which metal do you pick? Should you go with traditional platinum that sets of the pure white of a diamond, or do you want to go with white gold? Don’t be afraid to experiment with metals, because women today don’t necessarily want to stick with traditional designs. She may love a rose gold ring or something in handcrafted silver with a very royal vintage feel.

engagement rings

Gold with diamond flower ring


Diamonds or something else?

White and pure, diamonds are the traditional favourite on engagement rings, with the idea of spending twice your salary to get the perfect diamond. Don’t worry, that’s not the thumb rule anymore, and you can pick any stone other than a diamond as well for the ring. Try different stones like an emerald, a ruby or an amethyst to create your own unique engagement ring that matches the girl of your dreams.

engagement rings

Emerald & Diamonds Finger ring

How do you choose a setting?

Now, once you’ve picked the metal and stone, you turn into a designer. You can pick from a variety different setting, which basically is the way the stone is set on a ring. For someone who likes keeping it simple, a Solitaire (Tiffany) or three stone is the right choice. An eclectic choice though, if you both like the finer things in life, is an eternity setting. Here, diamonds are clustered all the way around the band, giving it a very different feel altogether. We know it sounds complicated, but a good jeweller will assist you in picking the perfect ring and setting.

engagement rings

Gold Diamond Ring

The 4 C’s

While diamonds look gorgeous and have an unmatched radiance, it is not easy to select one. There are four main things to keep in mind when you pick a diamond for the perfect engagement ring.


  • Cut


The cut of a diamond refers to what we commonly call the sparkle. A good cut, or make, have around 58 facets at the least. A diamond that allows light to reflect through and back on you is the one you have to pick.


  • Colour


Most diamonds have a slight hint of yellow and the higher the grade of the diamond, the more colourless it is. While choosing one, you need to look for a transparent diamond. Diamond colour is graded on a scale that ranges from D (colourless) to Z (light yellow).



  • Clarity


The diamond’s clarity is a description of its internal purity. With fewer imperfections within the stone, the diamond is rarer and has a higher value. The factors that determine the clarity of diamonds are – size, number, position, nature & colour.



  • Carat


Quite simply, a diamond’s carat is a measurement of weight. The word “carob”, which are the original measurement of weight, is how the word “carat” was derived. While the larger the diamond, the more the price, it is important to remember that weight does not always equal size or beauty. Poorly cut diamonds intended to maximize size can be dull and lifeless. A well cut diamond can reflect light more and make the diamond actually appear larger as well.


Don’t forget the size!

While you’re working hard at choosing the best ring and design, don’t forget the most important thing, which is getting her ring size right. Now, either you trick her into giving you a ring she owns for size, or rope in her friend/sister. This could become a time of bonding for you two, so you get the best of both worlds.

Once you’ve got these points all ready in your pocket, it’s time to go engagement ring shopping!