Benefits of Wearing Amethysts

Amethyst is the third stone in the most powerful trilogy of gemstones – Rubies and Emeralds being the first two. In India, it is popularly known as Jamunia, and is the birthstone for those born in the month of February. It exudes a strong spiritual aura and represents the planet Saturn, standing for justice and humility. It is preferred to be set on silver or platinum for wearing, while its powers also work as a decor piece kept in your home. It is said that Amethysts from Africa have the strongest healing potential.

In Health
The amethyst is a detoxification stone. It was commonly used by the ancients to keep them from consuming too much alcohol or indulging in various vices. Amethysts are said to work magnetically by producing ions that attract toxins away from the body of the wearer. Physically, it is beneficial in cell regeneration, which helps wounds heal faster, and prevent bacterial infections by keeping the immune system strong. It is also believed that they help remove dust particles and other toxic elements from your respiratory tract and throat, and posses certain antioxidant properties to naturally heal the body.

Amethysts are supposed to induce a peaceful night’s sleep, if kept by the bedside. They bring on calmness in a stressed, anxious or grief stricken person, and also help manage certain psychological disorders.

In Astrology
Being the stone of Saturn, amethysts are recommended to reduce the malefic effects of the planet since it is a very powerful planet according to the Indian horoscope. It removes any blockages in the path of success or achieving results as well.
Amethysts are good for people who need physical instruments or dexterity to work- engineers, surgeons etc. – and increases their physical prowess. They also benefit people in the healing profession, like doctors, psychiatrists, and Reiki healers, to ascend to a higher level of subconscious and protect their energy field while keeping it strong.

Personality Changes
Being strongly spiritual, amethysts are for those people who are going through a lot of mental turmoil. Whether suffering from anxiety, depression, insomnia or dealing with grief, this healing purple stone puts you in touch with your deepest self to help you cope and overcome it. Hence it is also called the Stone of Metamorphosis. It also balances your emotions and keeps you thinking logically, if you are someone whose emotions always seem to get the better of them in situations. As it can look beautiful when worn or while adorning the home, you can also gift it to a loved one who is going through a tough time.
This deep purple stone has always been associated with royalty for its intense spiritual powers. Amethysts can be worn by almost anyone, even if it is to simply tune in to your intuitions better.

We hope that we’ve lend significant knowledge to you about this precious stone and that it helps you understand the power of jewellery better.