Benefits of Wearing Diamonds

The stone that represents grace, femininity, purity and love was first discovered in India. In as early as the 4th Century BC, diamonds were mined here in our country. It was only much later that they were mined in Brazil and most importantly Africa.

A brief history
They started out as a very simple stone with not much value. In 14th century Europe, they were worn simply to accentuate other coloured precious stones, being exported from India for the rich upper class. As the cutting skill began to improve in Venice, people realised how they sparkled by themselves, and started to wear jewels made with bigger diamonds.

Slowly as Industrialisation came into the fray, the “upper class” began contracting, and the demographic purchasing diamonds became larger. By then, diamonds were being mined from South Africa too. Unfortunately, the mining process was becoming more tedious while the sales were decreasing. In 1477 an Austrian prince came up with the idea of a diamond engagement ring for his fiancée. This trend caught on through Europe and all the nobles followed suit. Since then, the concept of a diamond engagement ring stuck, following through to America and then various parts of the world.

Astrological powers
Diamonds are associated with Venus, the Goddess of Beauty. Thus anyone working in a field like jewellery, fashion etc., that is related to beauty, is advised diamonds for prosperity. It is also said to boost inspiration for people in the creative sector like writing, art, performance art etc.
A very powerful stone, diamonds were once believed to bring victory over enemies. Even today, it is a symbol of power and can bring huge success to the wearer. Hence one should wear a diamond only when suggested to do so, and particularly on the middle finger of the right hand.

Personality Changes
The wearer of a diamond benefits strongly in their relationship with others. While it increases one’s image in society, it also strengthens bonds between people. It is a symbol of love and romance. As the hardest stone on Earth, it has strong properties that quickly get transferred to its wearer. It also creates peace and serenity in the life of the wearer, making the person more vivid in thoughts and actions.
Diamonds are extremely powerful in their benefits and also do not always suit everyone when activated. Thus one should consult carefully before activating a diamond. They can be worn as adornments otherwise without any trouble. Come purchase your diamond only from the most trusted jewellers in town, Krishna Jewellers, Pearls & Gems.