Benefits of wearing Emerald

Emerald has always been a deeply mystifying stone with its unique green colour and the elegance it exudes. It is associated with the planet Mercury and is the birthstone for the month of May. It has been highly respected in the Vedic astrology for its harmonious powers. Emerald is popularly known as Panna, and can be worn as a ring or a talisman on a pendant. The purest emeralds are mined in Columbia and they allow maximum light to pass through, without any opaque specks in them.

Health Powers
The emerald is known as the Healer’s Stone because it is the one stone that possesses recuperative powers for both physical and psychic health. In the olden days, emeralds were believed to be able to steer away the effects of poison and so were popularly used by royalty as goblets to drink out of. Today, its purifying effects still remain strong. It helps cure respiratory, speech and optical issues. It helps to deal with allergies and nerve disorders. Emerald is also said to reduce epilepsy.
In the realm of the psyche, the emerald helps cure insomnia and nightmares. It also helps deal with anxiety and brings about a spiritual balance for someone experiencing internal conflict.

Astrological Powers
Since it is the stone of Mercury, it is often used by gem healers to strengthen a weak mercury in their horoscope, which can bring about great rise in success and wealth for the wearer. Emerald also helps to hold on to one’s existing wealth. It is very beneficial for those studying, as it is related to the intellect and can help grasp subjects better and increase the power of concentration too.
Those who have been cheated or betrayed (especially in legal matters) are recommended to wear emerald stones to help come to terms with their loss. It is also said to release energies to help cope with various ongoing disputes of any kind.

Personality Changes
On the personality front, wearing an emerald brings about harmony in life by creating a sense of calm within oneself. It gives clarity to one’s thoughts, which makes it easier to express and communicate better. Creative people are often encouraged to wear this stone because it increases innovation and inspiration. It is also worn by astrologers to maintain their purity and connect strongly with their spiritual being. Anyone who is trying to connect within themselves and seek out answers to their internal conflicts can wear an emerald to help them create a sense of balance.

Emeralds are attractive, and one is always drawn towards this magnificent stone. Being the only one with both psychic and physical powers, it is very popular and thus it is important to pick a pure emerald should you choose to wear one.