Benefits of wearing pearls

Pearls represent femininity, purity and grace. In Indian astrology, it is the symbol for the Queen, and is also associated with the moon, providing strength and nurturing the wearer. Like its source of origin, it holds a sea of benefits and is said to have no negative energies, making it possible for everyone to benefit from wearing them. The pearl is the birthstone for those born in June.

Health Powers

The pearl looks delicate, but is extremely powerful. It negates the effects of the moon; eye and throat troubles, and dysentery, which are said to be caused by the turning of the tides. It is also said to help cure water-borne ailments of the body. Like its physical self, it can also help increase beauty and a natural glow for women.

Psychologically, it helps calm and strengthen the mind, which is beneficial for people who are suffering from stress, indecisiveness or depression. It allows better sleep, leading to an overall improvement in health.


Astrological Powers

Being associated closely with the moon, it can help increase the moon strength in your horoscope. The pearl benefits people across fields, whether humanities, science, media or entertainment. It also helps people in the field of travel and tourism. Apparently, wearing the pearl may just increase the feeling of wanderlust in you and lead you to new adventures. In the ancient times, it was believed that the pearl gives you wealth, comforts and a royal life. It may just have some truth considering the power of this pure white, natural stone.

The pearl is known as the “Stone of Emotions”, and helps benefit marriages. It strengthens the bond between partners, and helps maintain faith and fidelity in the relationship.Personality Changes

We often use the term, ‘pearls of wisdom”, because pearls are, in fact, closely related to wisdom. They provide a sense of maturity and calmness to the wearer, making it a very good stone for impulsive people. It also helps curb anger and negative emotions. It instils self confidence and helps the wearer express himself/herself freely. Thus it is very good for counsellors and public speakers.

The maximum benefits of pearls can be derived when worn set in a base of pure silver. It is usually worn on the little finger of either hand, depending on which one is used for writing. Consult a good jeweller to make sure you are wearing an authentic, real pearl.

Watch out for our next blog where we talk about how to identify pure pearls.

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