Benefits of wearing rubies

This red, fiery stone is associated with all things brave and passionate. Its mystical powers and association with true and absolute luxury are legendary. Ruby, also known as manik in Hindi, has been a much-revered gemstone by astrologers, as it is the gemstone of the Sun, the king of the zodiac. It is also the gemstone for the month of July, or the sign of Leo.
Rubies are mined in Sri Lanka, India, Burma, South Africa and Tanzania. A pure ruby will be exactly like the colour of Pigeon’s blood. It is a worldwide accepted certification to determine the ruby’s purity. When purchasing a ruby, always be sure of its purity as it has very powerful effects.

Healing Powers
Ruby is the colour of blood and in turn, helps in curing blood-related diseases. It increases the blood circulation in the body and keeps the digestive tract functioning smoothly. When dipped in water it immediately cures a stomach ailment. It can also be worn by someone trying to lose weight.
Ruby governs the pitta (agnaye tattva – fire element) one of the body element as per Ayurveda, and hence should be worn with gold or copper since they are good conductors of energy and thus effectively transmit the energy of the gemstone.

Astrological Powers
Ruby is known to bring fame and success to the wearer, fortune-wise. It provides luck and success to people who are giving competitive exams, as they require a little more than just hard work. People working in the fields of medicine, law, diplomacy, etc. where reputation means everything to them can wear rubies to enhance their chances of succeeding. It helps people in high positions by imparting the zeal to make good decisions. They are also very useful for anyone in the field of intense study to help focus well.
Rubies signify authority and power and are good for anyone looking to gain any sort of power. This is why rubies were often worn by rulers in ancient times.

Personality Changes
As we mentioned before, ruby is a powerful stone and is associated with all things bold, brave and courageous. Wearing it has the same effect. People who are shy or scared of public speaking can wear a ruby to help them gain confidence as rubies attract the power of the Sun. It energises the mind and soul, vanishing weariness and lethargy. It intensifies emotions like love, warmth and sexual energies and thus should not be worn by someone who already has very strong emotions.

Anyone who wears a pure ruby will feel its effect very soon. It can bring enormous success and health to the wearer when worn after consultation. If you have been advised to wear one, do head over to our store and experience the power of this bold red stone.

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