Bridal jewellery The Must Haves

Indian bridal jewellery comprises of some of the most intricate and elaborate jewellery in the world and it’s no surprise that every bride, whether traditional or modern, looks forward to buying her bridal trousseau just to match the jewellery she wants to wear. While there are many trends in bridal jewellery today, there are those few timeless pieces that surpass all seasons and generations.

Maang Tikka

Whether a North Indian or a South Indian bride, maang tikkas are adored by all. They add a touch of delicacy to the forehead, while highlighting the parting, where sindoor is applied as a part of the wedding rituals. Maang tikkas can be worn on the side, adding a Mughal charm to it, or extended into hair jewellery, like South Indian brides do. Most North Indian brides cover their head with a veil, and the pendant of the maang tikka sits beautifully at the edge, also doing the job of holding the veil perfectly in place.


No bridal look is complete without earrings! They can be heavy, traditional jhumkis in gold and kundan work, or intricate button earrings, but they are a must for every bride. The South Indian bride, with her long braided hair wears heavy earrings as part of the tradition. Jhumkis in pure gold with nakshi work, or temple jewellery make for the perfect match. The Mughal bride, or North Indian bride, on the other hand, does well with earrings that cover her ears, and peek out from under the translucent veil.

Bridal Jewellery

Ruby studded gold jhumka


Chokers are like the best friends of earrings. Kundan chokers are an all-time favourite with brides, and why not? They pair up wonderfully with long necklaces, and complement the earrings worn by the bride. Usually, if the bride is wearing lighter or pastel shades, then kundan or polki designs look beautiful, whereas for a bride wearing a darker shade, temple jewellery or nakshi work in pure gold sets off the colour really well.

bridal jewellery

Bridal diamond necklace


Other than lovely images of delicate glass bangles shimmering with sparkle that come into your head when you think of bangles, there is also a long standing association with marriage. A married woman traditionally always wears bangles through her life. Today, even with the various contemporary trends around, every bride makes bangles an essential part of her trousseau. The best part about bangles, is that they look gorgeous whether in gold, studded with diamonds, kundan work or simple glass bangles. Every traditional marriage in India has different kinds of bangles associated with it that look unique and lend a subtle charm to the persona of the bride.

Bridal Jewellery

Ruby studded gold jhumka


Nothing is more alluring than the sound of anklets, as the bride makes her entry towards the mandap. Worn in both silver and gold, anklets are one of the most integral parts of the bride’s jewellery box. They highlight the beautiful brown shade of mehendi on the bride’s feet, and one can see a hint of her anklets as she walks.

No matter how bridal styles change, these ornaments will remain a part of our precious jewellery box forever, treasured by brides forever and passed down generations as heirlooms.