Cleaning your Jewellery – Diys, Tips and Tricks

South Indian jewellery has always been known for its timeless designs and aura. This is why we see families pass down their heirloom collections from one generation to the other and each of these pieces is held, dear.

It is then a matter of concern sometimes when we see that some of our precious jewellery has lost its lustre. It is quite possible that something that has been passed down for generations may turn dull, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be brought back to its original glory.

Here are a few simple ways you get your jewellery to look as good as new again:


Use your dish soap

Dish soap can really come to your rescue when you’re trying to bring back the luminosity in one of your heirloom south Indian pieces. Just dissolve some dish soap in warm water and leave your gold jewellery in for at least 3 hours. Use a toothbrush to gently scrub away the dullness and rinse with warm water. You can use a microfiber cloth to wipe your jewellery dry.


First and last

Your precious south Indian jewellery should the first thing you remove as soon as you’re back home and put it away safely. It should also be the last thing you put on when getting dressed. Spritzing perfumes can cause chemical reactions that make your jewellery look dull over time. Also, no one wants their jewellery to get stuck here and there when putting clothes on – it ruins both, your clothes and your jewellery.

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Give it a break

Try not to do household chores such as washing or cleaning when you’re wearing gold rings or chains. Gold jewellery by itself doesn’t corrode but leaving it on all the time can cause it to develop a thin film of dirt, dust and grime. When at home, remove all your jewellery and keep it away to keep it sparkling forever.


Toothpaste to the rescue

Another quick way to bring back the shine of your gold jewellery is to rub some toothpaste onto it and let it sit for a bit. Buff the jewellery with a soft cloth and use a soft bristled brush to get into corners and crevices.

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Store your bedazzling south Indian jewellery with care as each piece is a work of fine craft. We hope these tips will help keep your jewellery as sparkling as the smile on your face.