Dress Up Your Home This Diwali With These 4 Home Decor Items!

Diwali is the time when we generously engage in renovating our house and modifying everything within making it look festive, charming and exclusive. But it can get exhausting when you start to pick out ideas for decoration. When your spacious drawing room demands elegance from an authentic showpiece or when your bedroom commands dignity from a classy centrepiece, here’s what you must have for your Diwali home decoration plan. Read along to make your home look captivating this Diwali:

1)     Ethnic Silver Lamp

Whatever lighting accessories people may be using nowadays, the beauty of lamps placed on intricately designed silver holder is all your hall needs. Lamps are not just a must to keep, it also adds beauty to its gleaming light. It can make the home look glorious and royal even though you have simple interior. Plus they work great to add festive ambience to your house.


2)      Divine idols

Idols of Lakshmi Ganesh and Seeta- Ram is best to showcase in your home as it matches with the festival mood. Keeping idols of the divine adds spirituality to the air. Everything seems to be perfect and vivid. Silver plated Lakshmi Ganesh is widely held Diwali decoration item these days.


3)      Miniature statues of animals

They are beautiful to keep on side tables or showcases. You may choose from camels, horse, elephant, tortoise, fish etc. Earthy silver camel cart with carefully crafted ethnic figures is sure to keep up with the traditional tone of the festival.


4)      Fruit bowls

Not just useful to keep fruits and food items, they are also a good decoration item for dining table and kitchen.An enchanting silver plated fruit bowl is what you are looking for when it comes to catching eyes.They are probably the most used item in festival. Silver plated artistic trays can also make the serving special. They can also be used During Puja’s, in holding the divine offerings to god.


Bring home the elegance of designs with these any many other silver home décor pieces. You can see more of these enticing home décor from our collection: For any product-related queries, call us on 7097298836 or visit our store at Road No. 36, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad.

Have a happy and unique Diwali!