Get The Right Jewellery For Your Monsoon Wedding!

While you have a beautiful monsoon wedding coming up, choosing the right jewellery to accompany your bridal wear turns out to be a battle with the constant pouring and high levels of humidity beating in. Getting the perfect bridal look can be a task. Here are a few tips to choose the right wedding charms this monsoon, to look as graceful as ever!
People aren’t lying when they say “Diamonds are a woman’s best friend!”
These beautiful precious rocks not only add to your grace, they also make you experience royalty that you deserve on your special day. Although, try not to go overboard with a wholesome combination of gold and diamonds as it may look too flashy! If you really want your diamonds to stand out, go for a breath-catching necklace and matching ear-rings or for a simple chain with a large pendant. Make sure that your monsoon wedding bridal wear is elegant and doesn’t over-shadow your jewellery.


If you are looking for something very subtle that goes with everything, pearls are what you need! No matter what the colour of your bridal wear is, a pearl set or a pearl choker would definitely add that extra dash of elegance to your look. Pair up you bridal wear with pearl dotted gold earrings and bangles to complete your look!

Pearls are available in many sizes, grades and colours. A monsoon wedding bride would look gorgeous in them.


As much as every lady is fond of gold, it is the classic choice for every Indian wedding. And why not! After all, gold adds a special charm to the wonderful attire of an Indian bride. Talking about your monsoon bridal wear, try keeping your gold jewellery minimal since your bridal attire would surely be heavy. Moreover, strike a subtle balance between your outfit and intricate gold jewellery. You don’t want to overshadow your appearance on your wedding day! Consider layered neck pieces rather that wearing chokers fitted to your neck.


No matter which jewellery you choose for your monsoon bridal look, carry yourself with confidence and poise. No matter what the season is, don’t forget to dazzle on your special day!

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