Gold bracelets: A must-have Everyday Ornament

Bracelets have an intricately woven history with Indian culture, whether as a series of bangles adorning a woman’s delicate hand or one chunky bracelet that says it all. Indian women love their gold bracelets even today, in various contemporary and traditional forms. We take a look at the different kind of gold bracelets women can wear with both Indian and western wear.

Bracelets for formal wear

Who says you can’t wear gold with a formal suit to office? A simple gold band in a contemporary design becomes your statement piece, subtly glistening over a crisp white shirt. If you want a little more glamour, you can pick a pearl infused bracelet for an elegant look. Gold knotted with pearls or a simple pearl at the joint of the bracelet is something you can never go wrong with. If you have a more semi-formal office but you still don’t like over-accessorising, you can pair your outfit with a classic gold bracelet embellished with one single precious stone, maybe a sapphire or topaz, both lighter in colour than rubies or emeralds.

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Pearl Pebble Bracelet

Bracelets to take you into the night

The glimmer of a precious stone on your delicate wrist as you laugh and enjoy the party is an inexplicable expression of womanhood. Bring out the confident, alluring, feminine grace in your attire with a simple gold bracelet drizzled with gemstones like rubies, emeralds and diamonds. Wear them in a combination of all three, or a singular bracelet. The choice is yours! Gold also looks gorgeous with topaz and sapphire, not to mention the rarity of those combinations will make heads turn whenever you wear them.

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Navratan Pebble Bracelet

Bracelets with Indian Wear

While bangles are a favourite with Indian wear, if you happen to be travelling, it’s difficult to carry bangles with you, especially glass ones.  So what’s the alternative? A heavy gold cuff with precious stone embellishments can easily glam up your outfit. Whether you’re wearing a sari, a lehenga or a kurta, the chunky bracelet adds a youthful, chic dimension to your entire outfit. One of the contemporary designs in bracelets is one which is layered to look like many, but is actually a single bracelet. This gives you the shine without the trouble of carrying bangles around. Lightly dotted with pearls or precious stones, you can carry it off with absolutely any Indian outfit.

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Multi Colour Pearls Bracelet

Bracelets with Western Wear

We know you’re going to say that a simple gold bracelet does the trick here, but we’d like to add a little more to it. Think bohemian. Layers of gold chain bracelets, knotted with pearls or precious stones. In fact, you can layer them up depending on the colour and style of your outfit. The layered look goes particularly well with a denim jackets and a dress, or even on jeans and a classic top. If you’re going floral and girly, we’d suggest a dainty gold bracelet with fun little charms on it. It will add a playful element to your look for that movie night.

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Saphhire Pebble Bracelet

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