Gold Jewellery: Do’s & Don’ts

Gold is beautiful. It has a unique lustre and is the most coveted metal of all. Women all over India favour gold jewellery as their perfect investment. It is a lesser known fact that gold is in fact the most delicate metal of all, and even the slightest damage can spoil your beautiful gold jewellery. To make sure your precious ornaments are the connoisseur of all eyes, you need to follow some simple steps to keep your gold jewellery looking as good as new.

Do: Get it checked regularly

Gold, being the super soft metal that it is, stands a high chance of constantly losing its shape, especially with rings. Even things like clasps, ear pins on earrings etc. can lose shape, thus you must take your jewellery to the store at least once a year to get them back in shape. This will make sure your jewellery slides on as a good as new.

gold jewellery

Gold Ruby Emerald Necklace Set

Do: Store them separately

Traditionally, gold jewellery always comes in boxes with a velvet base. Other than giving a royal feel to the set, it also provides the precise care that gold jewellery needs. Keeping it mixed up with your other jewellery can cause it to get scratched, but a soft cloth, or even cotton keeps them safe from any kind of wear and tear when stored. When travelling with gold earrings and smaller jewellery, they can be stored in handy pouches that come with a soft coating or velvet linings inside.

Don’t: Get chemicals onto them

Gold reacts very quickly to any kind of chemicals, especially perfumes, deodorants and lotions. They can discolour your beautiful gold ornaments.

Keep your gold rings and bangles aside while doing any household work where they could come in contact with any chemicals. Even while putting on your gold earrings and necklace, make sure to apply your perfume or lotion before you put on your jewellery. This will preserve your gold jewellery and make your investment worthwhile.

gold jewellery

Diamond Stud Earrings

Don’t: Wear them everywhere

Although gold jewellery does look the most beautiful of all with its ethereal shine, you must be careful not to wear at certain places like the beach, where the abrasive sand can cause scratches, or when you are playing any sports. Even wearing gold jewellery in the swimming pool or at the jacuzzi harms your gold ornaments because of the chlorine content and other chemicals present in the water.

Nothing compares to the simplicity of a simple piece of gold jewellery, making it a class apart. If you follow these few simple rules, your gold jewellery will remain timeless!