Happy Ganesh Chaturti

India’s diversity is best reflected by a calendar year that’s full of festivals, feasts and celebrations. Some celebrated grandly, and those rare few that are celebrated by all people, regardless of religion; Ganesh Chathurti is one such festival.

Lovingly referred to with as many as 108 different names, Lord Ganesha sure is our favourite. His very own festival is celebrated beyond the borders of India, in Indonesia, China, Cambodia, Afghanistan and Nepal. During Ganesh Chathurti, pandals and puja rooms are grandly decorated, as families spend joyous moments bringing home murtis and partaking in rites and rituals.

Plenty of planning and preparation goes into this festival. Decoration is essential, and we spend so much of our time and effort in perfecting the ornamentation of our homes, puja rooms, pandals and even ourselves! No matter who or where you are, what you wear sets the tone for the festival days.

Since Lord Ganesh grants prosperity, removes obstacles and heralds new beginnings, why not invest in brand new jewellery for an auspicious and glorious festival? Krishna Pearls and Jewellers specialises in original, handcrafted sets designed especially for the occasion.

The traditional jewellery associated with Ganesh Chathurti includes pearl necklaces, gold neckwear with durva or hibiscus flowers, shawls, bajuband, round chatras, forehead accessories and more. Classic or contemporary, you’ll find what you’re looking for at Krishna Pearls and Jewellers.

Look your best when you carry Lord Ganesha into that colourful and festive procession – and with our designs complementing your outfit, you most certainly will. Gift yourself and loved ones exclusive jewellery, indulge in the feast, surrender to dance, music and wholeheartedly celebrate the essence of our lovable Lord Ganapati this Ganesh Chathurti 2017.

Here’s a sneak-peak into our special collections this festive season:

Order online or simply walk-in and discover our unique collection. We hope you enjoy being spoilt for choice!

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