How gemstones define your personality – Affects & superstitions

Gemstones have for long been considered a very important aspect of bringing about changes to one’s luck and personality. The colour of each gem corresponds to certain vibrations and wavelengths and therefore can help focus on certain rays and absorb them, while possessing electromagnetic properties. Every human has magnetic aura, which is constantly affected by the cosmic forces and vibrations. Each gemstone has a story to tell and an energy to bestow upon the wearer. Here are the most commonly worn gemstones and their effects on us:


Also called the “Stone of Transformation” or “Metamorphosis”. It has an extremely calming effect and is highly associated with spirituality. Wearing an amethyst will bring tranquillity in your life while increasing your intuitive abilities. It helps cure insomnia and also to a certain extent, emotional trauma. If you are going through an emotionally tough time, wear one and it will provide calming energies and soothe you. It can also be a wonderful healing gift to give a close one who you know may be going through something and needs some guidance.


The aquamarine is a beautiful coloured stone and a joy to look at. It’s even more joyous to wear one as it is the stone of confidence, communication and self love. This stone is perfect for you when you have that big presentation or a public speech to give. It boosts your confidence, and makes you believe in yourself.  Another very interesting feature of this stone is that it provides luck and security to those travelling. So all of you travel enthusiasts, do make sure you wear aquamarine jewellery wherever you go, around the globe.


This yellow stone is an indicator of personal growth and wealth accumulation. It is also the problem-solvers stone. If you are stuck in a creative block, or need some help smoothing over some relationship issues, it can provide mental clarity and help you solve them easily.


Along with being the most stunning, it is also the strongest gemstone and very often associated with victory and power (probably explains why maharajahs always wore diamonds). It is also associated with binding and has hence become a symbol of love over the years. So go ahead, let your husband gift you those diamonds and feel the bonds grow stronger.


The emerald has physical healing properties in the areas of eyesight, upper respiratory tract, liver function, and helps strengthen the immune system. It also helps you recover from infections (pneumonia); fortifies the heart and detoxifies the blood. Mentally it also helps lift depression and insomnia.

The stone is connected to the Heart chakra, and hence is strongly associated with love and emotion.



Fiery red in colour, you can’t take your eyes off it. When you wear ornaments with garnet, you become the centre of attention. This stone is passionate, strong and energetic. Another reason to wear it is that it also wards off the evil eye. While cleansing the aura around you, it helps boost your immunity and thus is also popularly called the Stone of Health.


Pure, white and feminine, Pearl is the only naturally occurring gemstones. They have long been associated with purity and earthiness. They encourage openness and also put a lid on destructive behaviors. If you are looking to connect with your inner self, pearls are your best bet.


Another stone in a red hue, rubies are deep red in colour and also passionate. If you are tired and lethargic, wearing rubies will boost your energy levels. While increasing energy, they are also associated with courage, love and all things passionate.


Sapphires come in more than one hue, but the blue sapphire is the strongest in terms of intuition and good vibes. Sapphires are great to wear if you want to increase the general aura around you and carry good vibes wherever you go.

Wearing these gemstones won’t have a sudden and noticeable change in your day-to-day life but will gradually affect your energies. Ask your jeweller to educate you further on the properties of each gemstone before you buy them!