How to care for your gold Jewellery during the Monsoon

The monsoon comes as a welcome change in the weather after the sweltering heat of the summers. But as it is with any weather change, it brings in certain adversities. While our bodies and schedules are still reeling from the switch, there are other things that need equal if not more attention.Gold jewellery is known to be timeless and doesn’t corrode easily, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t need some tending from time to time. We take extra care of our clothes, shoes, and everything else in the rainy season, but are clueless about how to care for our jewellery during the monsoons. Fear not, we’ve got some handy tips for you to try out to keep your gold jewellery sparkling.

gold jewellery

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  • Got soaked in the rain? Don’t fret. Take off your jewellery the first thing when you reach home. Use a soft cloth or a microfiber cloth to wipe your gold jewellery dry. Avoid using tissues, towels or any rough cloth as this might scratch and damage your precious pieces.
  • Remember those little silica bags that you find in new handbags – it’s good practice to save those as they can be of great use when trying to store your diamond jewellery in the monsoon. Just drop one in a velvet box that you use to store your jewellery and you’re good to go.
  • De-cluttering is a good practice, more so when you are trying to preserve your precious jewellery. Make sure you store each of your pieces separately as storing them all at one place in one box can be damaging. If you have different precious metals jewellery then ensure that they are compartmentalized. Silver reacts most to moisture and storing it with platinum and gold can be detrimental for all the pieces.
  • Avoid wearing your jewellery on-the-go daily. This way you can save it from the downpour and ensure it stays lustrous throughout.
  • Use a mild solution of liquid soap and water to clean your jewellery in case you’ve gotten some dirt or grime on it. Leave your gold jewellery in the solution for about 10-15 minutes, not more! You can use a soft bristled brush to gently remove any dirt that is stuck in the contours of the jewellery.
gold jewllery

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If you find that your pieces lack luster even after cleaning, then it’s time to get them professionally polished for a better sheen.

We hope that these tips helps you keep your precious jewellery in perfect shape throughout the monsoon season and for the rest of your lives!