How to get your own custom-made jewellery – Steps and Tips

In a day and age when being unique is a fashion statement in itself, it comes as no surprise that even jewels are being customised for their wearer. In fact, one should by all means get at least one custom designed piece of jewellery that represents their originality and creativity in a physical form to cherish. Here are a few steps and tips on how you can get your dream jewellery made like a pro!

Collect what inspires you.

Every time you see something (a piece of jewellery, a colour, a motif, anything) that inspires you, collect it. It gives you better clarity and also makes it easier for your jeweller to understand what you are visualising. Also, here is where you choose your choice of metal, keeping in mind the latest trend, any skin sensitivity, etc. If you are thinking of embracing a particular stone to enhance certain aspects of your life, then this is a great chance to turn it into a statement piece in an original design.  You can make a basic drawing of your desired design, and if not, then even jotting down notes and pointers will help in the next step.

Talk, talk, talk!

Sit down and talk to your jeweller about your ideas, thoughts, and inspiration.  Your collection of references, drawing or notes will help the jeweller enhance your design to suit your needs better. Also, this is the step where you note down costs of the metal, stones, and the design fee, so you can see how it fits your budget and what needs to be altered. Being clear on the costs you have to bear will avoid any conflicts later on.

Perfecting the size

As important as it is in tailoring, the perfect fit goes a long way for custom jewellery design as well. While rings and bracelets are measured to fit well, pendants and chains are also measured for the perfect size and length to suit the design you have picked.

Your design takes form

It is the jeweller’s job to make the wax model of your design, while it is yours to approve. Any changes in design you want made should be taken care of here. The jeweller will also procure the metal and stones you have picked for your approval. After all the approvals are done, they will set down to making your piece.

Your creation comes to life

Now, customisation usually takes a little while, because it is hand done and precision is the most important thing, hence you will have to be patient. As you watch it come alive with the embedding of stones, cutting, designing, your excitement will only grow. After you gaze at its beauty when it is finally ready, try it on to see if it’s exactly what you imagined it to be. Here you can make slight changes in size or finish.

Voila! You have designed your own lovely creation to flaunt and be proud of!

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