Hyderabad – The City of Pearls

Hyderabad – the city of pearls got its name from their huge and intense Pearl production and processing and the trading Industry that has been supplying the finest pearls of the whole Pearl industry to India and to the rest of the world for more than 400 years. Most of the people know this, but have you ever wondered how Hyderabad came to be known as the city of pearls.

The History of Hyderabad

The Nizams who ruled Hyderabad for more than 200 years from the 18th to the mid-20th century was the first one to start the trading of pearls over the globe and thus the imperial Pearl trading enjoyed the patronage of the Nizams. The Nizams sourced and traded all varieties of Pearl across the globe especially around the Arabian Gulf, which were mostly bought by the princely states of Hyderabad at pretty high prices. With the arrival of the rarest and the unique Pearl from different parts of the world, attracted thousands of uniquely skilled Craftsmen making Hyderabad a one and only stop for the best quality pearls for several centuries from the 18th century to this day.

From the time of the Nizams and until now, Hyderabad is known as the hub of high class and high variety pearls, housing and running one of the largest numbers of Pearl drilling institutes and centers. Even today, the city of Hyderabad still preserves and excels this unique talent and craftsmanship.


South Sea Pearl

Three Line Emeralds Beads Mala with South Sea Pearls

Our Pattergatti Store on the name of Krishna Pearls near Charminar, which is famous for Hyderabad Pearls is one of our first and oldest store in Hyderabad (Since 1983), is housing a huge collection of authentic pearl jewellery with A1 quality, having a clientele in local, national, international for 36 years and continuing.

Pearls, the queen of all the jewels on Earth, one of the most dazzling creations of Mother Earth has now for centuries become the main tourist attraction of Hyderabad and has become inherent of the Local culture and this is expected to remain just the same for centuries in the future.

Ruby, Emerald, Pearl & Diamond Kadas

Ruby, Emerald, Pearl & Diamond Kada

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