Jewellery Trends

Iconic Jewellery Trends of 2018

2018 is the year of big, bold and geometrical jewellery designs! Whether it is a modern piece of jewellery Trends you have bought, or a vintage piece lying in the back of your closet, make the most of them all this year. Mix and match traditional Indian jewellery, gemstones and solid gold pieces to create your own personal style.

Indian jewellery is in vogue around the world for its unique intricate work and glamorous appeal. Since we all have traditional pieces with us already, it’s time to flaunt them.

Bring out the diva in you with statement vintage chokers, cocktail rings and jhumkis.

The bigger the better, is the mantra this year.

With clothing going more minimal, it’s the right time to flaunt all the heirloom jewellery you’ve been saving only for special occasions. What’s even better is if you love bright coloured gemstones; this is your time to invest in them. A new technique of embedding gemstones, called trapping the gemstones is revolutionising the jewellery industry, where the gemstones are fixed inside a mesh of metal or a halo of colour-tones.

While we’re talking vintage and heirlooms, let’s not forget the classic favourite, pearls. Wear them as chokers or layer them up into long necklaces in Nizam style and give your lace saree an edgy look.

Iconic Jewellery Trends

pearl Mesh Necklace set

Get Rosey

Another very interesting new trend is that of rose gold. Subtle, elegant and can be worn every day to work, this metal is gaining popularity in India too. Solid rose gold jewellery incorporating discs are catching on, as they’re minimal yet bold, and can go well with any form of clothing.

If you are a person who’s fond of colours, this is your time. Eclectic colour palettes are in as well, so don’t be afraid to create a canvas of bright colours when you put on your jewellery.

Iconic Jewellery Trends

Rose gold with diamond

Let’s Brooch it!

Guess what’s back in fashion? Brooches! Yes, they went out of fashion years ago, and are now all the rage. While youngsters use brooches to embellish their denims, they can also be used on saris and traditional fusion wear for a chic look. If you have a traditional or fusion jacket that you would like to spruce up at a wedding, add an embellished brooch to it and watch your look transform.

Iconic Jewellery Trends

Gold beaded multi-string necklace

Naturally Beautiful

Express yourself freely with jewellery because this season’s all about fluidity.  We’re getting back to being one with nature, with motifs of flora and fauna ruling the roost. Find your spirit animal and flaunt it through your jewellery. These nature-based motifs give an aesthetic appeal of glamour, romanticism and beauty together. Bracelets, rings, pendants and even earring studs with animal motifs look cute and chic, in a very minimalist way. Indian jewellery has always highly regarded motifs of nature, so it’s easy to set new trends with it.

Iconic Jewellery Trends

Gold with polki peacock jhumkas

The best advice for this season is to go forth and experiment. Feel free to try your craziest jewellery combinations, because this season there’s nothing stopping you from setting your own trends in jewellery. At Krishna Jewellers, Pearls & Gems we believe that each woman has a unique style and identity that comes out best when she expresses herself freely!