Importance of Yellow Topaz and its Benefits

This brilliant golden yellow coloured gemstone derives its name from the Sanskrit word ‘tapas’, meaning “fire”.

The Topaz stone has been popular through the ancient times across cultures for its mystical powers and attractive demeanour. The birthstone of those born in November, Yellow Topaz has strong metaphysical properties and is also known as the Imperial Topaz. It is not as popular as diamonds or emeralds, but has powerful healing properties that we have described below.

It is popularly embedded in gold jewellery due to its subtle and royal hues.

Health Powers
The Yellow Topaz has a hint of pink in its crystal, which is a manifestation of the heart. It helps keep heart diseases at bay while also keeping one emotionally strong. The yellow is closely associated with the liver and kidneys of the body, curing liver problems, jaundice and other digestive problems. On the other hand, it also helps cure asthma and throat related problems.

Psychologically, it cures insomnia, nervous breakdowns and helps emotional healing. Yellow Topaz has the power to help deal with issues of the past and look forward to a new horizon.

yellow topaz

Golden Topaz Statement Finger ring

Astrological Powers
Deriving its energy from the sun, the Yellow Topaz has the power realize thoughts of the wearer and bring them to life. Apparently, it provides a physical manifestation of wishes and desires to the wearer, which not only includes materialistic desires, but also success, love and satisfaction. This stone has proven to be extremely beneficial for those in the creative field as it helps increase concentration and imaginative powers for the wearer. Students are also recommended the stone to increase the power of positive thoughts and energies while studying.
The yellow Topaz is said to be the favourite stone for people wanting to bring true love in their lives and find their soul mate.

yellow topaz

Golden Topaz Rectangular Statement Stud

Personality Changes
The Yellow Topaz may be fiery, but it has a calming effect on the wearer. For someone on the quest to answers and peace it will prove to be very useful. Not only will it help you find the right path, but it will also strengthen your resolve and help you in your endeavours. Since it brings satisfaction to the wearer in all forms, it makes one happier and more dedicated towards all their goals.

Overall, it is a stone with extremely positive energies and is useful for everyone.

The Yellow Topaz is a stone that brings luck wherever it shines. It does not have any negative properties and can be worn by anyone looking to bring guidance to their lives. At Krishna Jewellers Pearls and Gems, we believe everyone can benefit from the Yellow Topaz and thus we have created some interesting designs for you that not only look amazing, but benefit you as well.