Jewellery every Indian woman should have

Every Indian woman loves her jewellery, whether it’s an heirloom piece passed down generations or her own purchases from various explorations through the years. While the collection only increases, the question always remains as to what are the essentials every woman should have in her tijorie. That’s why we’ve searched far and wide and come up with just the ornaments that rise to the occasion.

Dangler Earrings
Every one of us has our favourite jhumkas or chaand baalis for when we just don’t know what to accessorise with. It adds grace to a sari or lehenga at a wedding, elegance to that formal event at work with your crisp salwar kameez, or even brightens up a jeans and fusion top when heading out for a party. You can choose between a traditional pair of jhumkas, delicate chaand baalis with kundan work, glass crystals or pearls or then simple straight chandelier earrings in gold or silver, depending on your personal style.



Cocktail Rings
Much has been spoken about them by all fashion gurus, and not without reason! A well crafted cocktail ring can become a statement jewellery piece in no time. If you’re a vintage fan there are some lovely baroque pieces with embedded precious stones. For a contemporary feel, pick a gorgeous sapphire or amethyst as a solid embellishment on the ring, or a minimalist geometric design that you can wear even to work. At Krishna Jewellers, Pearls & Gems we have travel cocktail rings too, that can simply be detached and used as a pendant. Such a convenient accessory, isn’t it?

Hair Ornaments
Inspired by the traditional jadanagam adorned by South Indian brides, hair ornaments have become hugely popular all over India. If you’ve got no time for a wash and blow dry but you have to be somewhere, put on one of these delicate beauties that go with everything from Indian to western. Or get one of our hair ornaments that can be doubled up as a traditional haar for another occasion. While talking of hair ornaments, let’s not forget the maang tikka in its kundan finery that can give you a new look at the next big Indian wedding. A vintage broach or a bracelet makes for a gorgeous maang tikka that guarantees all eyes on you.

The Statement Necklace
The single piece of jewellery that you need for a rich, royal look is the statement necklace. You can choose whether you want a traditional layered haar, an earthy handcrafted chunky necklace or a funky kundan choker to elevate your attire, even over a pair of jeans or a summery dress. In fact, antique Indian jewellery is all the rage world over for its beauty and charm. So don’t hesitate to get those heirloom ornate pieces out of the back of your closet and wear them when you step out next.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but pearls are what make a lady. Every woman must own at least one pearl ornament to bring out the innate elegance in her, whether it’s a pair of classic pearl earrings and a choker, or a traditional 7 layered haar in pearl, more popularly known as the sathlada. In fact, pearls can easily be worn over formal wear too, keeping you subtly elegant. A simple chain and pearl pendant does the trick.

Being in a city famous for its jewels, what excuse do you need to go splurge and add to your gorgeous collection? As we all know, a woman can never have enough jewellery!

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