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Krishna Pearls and Jewellers, Your One-Stop Gold Shopping Destination!

Indians are known to have a strong connection with their gold, and we at Krishna Pearls and Jewellers have discovered a way to express our adoration for gold by bringing to you intricate designs catered to suit your taste. Our online store offers a wide range of jewellery ranging from simple earrings to intricate heavy sets. What benefits does this offer to you? Shopping online does not only save time but also gives you a chance to select your desired jewel at your own pace and convenience.

Shine in gold, with the gorgeous range of jewellery on our website:

1. Earrings – Make your attire gleam with elegance by adorning them with beautiful gold earrings. These gold earrings are combined with exquisite pearls and precious gemstones. Invest in a pair of these danglers, which can be worn on ethnic or western, to suit your mood.

Capture2. Sets – Keep the Indian tradition intact and make every occasion grand with these striking gold sets. These sets are perfect to be worn with sarees, which bring out the art of our Indian tradition. These gorgeous gold sets are made with fine gemstones, diamonds and pearls.


3. Bangles & Bracelets – These gold bangles and bracelets are modernised pieces that can be worn on any attire. Be it just a day out with your friends or a family dinner, this is a piece of gold that is suitable for any time and occasion of the day.


4. Rings – Diamonds and rings are a girl’s favourite jewellery. These lovely gold rings with diamonds and gemstones are the perfect accessory to match any outfit.


5. Mangalsutras – Gold mangalsutras are a vital part of a married woman’s attire. This collection offers delicate designs to flaunt your style while holding on to your traditional roots.

Capture6. Nose Pins – These little gold nose pins make way for elegant dressing. You can wear these simple yet chic nose pins on a night out with your close friends or even at work. These gold nose pins are made with diamonds and pearls.

Capture7. Vaddanam – These traditional waist chains are worn around the saree to keep it intact. The vaddanam is an integral part of the South Indian custom jewellery and are worn on all important occasions. The latest trend in the designs of these vaddanams is diamond cut work, while the authentic temple style continues to be the favourite.


So, here was the list of some of the jewellery collection at Krishna Pearls and Jewellers website. Check out our wide range of stunning gold jewellery to shop online: http://bit.ly/2o9MH3i