Latest Jewellery Trends For Glamming Up Your Look!

Pearl earrings are so very much in vogue. But wait! Weren’t diamond studs the in-thing in fashion jewellery? And what about those silver charm bracelets that everybody seems to be wearing these days?

Jewellery trends keep changing from time to time. Be it for the office or for party wear, you will obviously need to be up to date with the latest jewellery fashion. You know what will be ideal? Pairing your outfit with unique and interesting accessories that make you stand apart from the crowd!

So follow these tips and tricks when it comes to choosing that spectacularly trendy necklace or other fashionable accessories.

How About Statement Necklaces?

Be bold and beautiful with chunky accessories like a choker necklace! Set a statement with a neck piece that defines your personality. A necklace in either Silver, White Gold or Yellow Gold will match quite well with a Western Attire. And if the accessory is studded with beautifully coloured gemstones and Diamonds, then even better!

Some Vintage Inspiration, maybe?

When it comes to the latest fashion in jewellery, it is all about the Vintage-inspired accessories. And why so? Because it is trendy, classy and is very much the in-thing in the fashion scene. Go for antique finger rings or chains which exude antiquity and your look will be complete!

nk1Go for Long Earrings.

Long, oversized earrings are back in fashion and how! Because it definitely tops the list of latest fashion earrings for women. And if you wear these statement earrings, then there is absolutely no need of wearing other accessories. Chandelier earrings, Hoops, Jhumkas, Chaandbaalis – these ear accessories are a Must-Have in the jewellery box of ladies.

nk2Don’t forget the Pearls!

If the discussion is about latest jewellery fashion, then you can certainly not miss out on Pearls! They are classic. They are elegant. And they are here to stay! Forget about the ever-changing jewellery trends because Pearls will never go out of fashion. Be it pearl strings or pearl-studded silver jewellery, they will always remain unique and sophisticated.


Stack up the finger rings.

The latest fashion rings seem to be about intricate designs and bigger sizes. Wear multiple rings together with a casual outfit. Or adorn your finger with a bold, cocktail ring which matches perfectly with your party outfit! A colourful gemstone ring which is set in gold or silver will definitely catch other’s attention.


No matter which jewellery you choose, you must be wise to not follow the latest fashion trends blindly. Do not go over the top with bright and gaudy accessories as they can ruin your look. And make sure to always opt for wearable pieces that reflect your personal style and personality!