Let Your Zodiac Sign Guide Your Jewellery Style! – Part 1

Do you often find yourself being inclined towards a particular colour, fabric or jewellery while you define your dressing style? Everyone has a style of their own but what if we told you that your style strings are being pulled by your zodiac sign!
It is believed that each sign has its own unique character trait which also classifies their style sense. Each sign has certain peculiarities. Your moods, thoughts and emotions are driven by this sign. It means that one’s dressing style too goes in line with their zodiac sign. Read on to find out more about your zodiac style.

Stylish and comfortable casuals are what defines a Sagittarian. They have likeness for bright and energetic colours. Their ideal wardrobe would have faded jeans, solid coloured t-shirts and comfortable jumpsuits for casual hangouts. When it comes to jewellery, Sagittarians prefer accessorizing with subtle pieces. An elusive gold and diamond bracelet or a fine necklace set crafted in gold is what makes their style.

Gold Diamond Bracelet
Diamond Necklace



Grey Pearl Ring
Black Pearl String


Aesthetic, mysterious and thoughtful are words that describe Capricorns. Much like their personality, Capricorns like sharp and natural colours. They are effortlessly poised and have a soft corner for frills and laces. You would never get to see a Capricorn dressing up shabby. Their style is classy and sophisticated. A stunning long evening gown along with grey pearl and diamond ring brings their personality into limelight. A Tahitian grey pearl necklace string would go perfectly with the grey pearl and diamond ring.


Emerald Studded Round Drop Earrings
Pearl & Diamonds Statement Finger Ring





Aquarians are known for their quirky nature. They are not the kinds to wear a thin gold chain or a delicate bangle. Instead, chunky necklaces and bold hooped earrings claim space in their accessory bin. They love to look dramatic in head-turning outfits. Loud colours and electric tones appeal to them the most. A funky printed dress with eccentric emerald ear hoops, along with a shimmering pearl and diamond ring is what illustrates the versatility of Aquarians.


Blue Sapphire & Diamond Sunlit Earrings & Pendant







Pisceans are delicate and creative accessories often compliment their personality. A frilly floral printed high-low dress depicts the style of a true Piscean, along with a metal alloy necklace to add bling to the outfit. Pisceans are known for their great sense of energy, which is evident in their clothing too. A vibrant sapphire and diamond pendant set along with a shimmering diamond ring is so like a Piscean style.


Ariens are trendsetters and their sense of style is bold and flashy. Deep blood red is the colour that rightly represents an Arien. A super stylish fusion outfit coupled with golden topaz ring and intriguing dangling gold chandbalis clearly defines an Arien.

Golden Topaz Statement Finger ring



Taurians are secretive by nature. Their sense of style is practical and sensible at the same time. They love earthy colours like peach, beige, brown, and cream. They prefer accessorizing with elegant neck-pieces, scarves, shrugs and stoles. A gorgeous pink halter neck evening gown is a pretty outfit for Taurians. An elusive floral neck string along with fragile pearl ear studs completes the look for a Taurian.

Pearl Stud Earrings








Hope you enjoyed reading this zodiac style guide for the first 6 zodiac signs. Dress up as per your zodiac sign and let your stars work wonders for you. Stay tuned to know more about the remaining zodiac signs.

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