Let Your Zodiac Sign Guide Your Jewellery Style! – Part 2

Hope you enjoyed reading the zodiac style guide for the first 6 signs last week. We discussed how each sign has its own unique character trait which classifies their peculiarities, moods, thoughts, emotions and even style sense. Your zodiac sign decides a lot about your dressing sense.  Read on to learn what your horoscope dictates you should be wearing.


Edgy, lively and youthful by nature, Gemini women love clothes that are flexible and versatile. Their wardrobe demands variety, keeping subtle prints, boho dresses and lots of printed pants. A serene necklace set crafted with emerald and pearl truly depicts their style. A beautifully designed pearl and diamond ring would complement the look. There is nothing a Gemini can’t carry with style.

 Emerald and Pearl NecklacePearl and Diamond Finger Ring









Radiating elegance, a cancer women can carry almost anything with grace. Cancerians are sensitive and composed with a natural incline towards vintage style. Their wardrobe is likely to have fancy laces, chiffon and net fabrics that makes them look forever fabulous. A classic pearl string pendant set with a pearl ring is the favourite of this zodiac sign.

Pearl SetPearl and Diamonds Finger Ring










Leos and drama go hand in hand. They love attention are always up for bold statement pieces. Their wardrobe is piled with magnificent dresses and royal jewellery. Glorious, confident and bold shades like gold, scarlet red ruby and dark green emerald defines their royal style. This gold and diamond choker set embedded in ruby and emeralds add to the rich feel of Leos. Matching dangling ruby ear drops would look fabulous with it.

Ruby stone drop earringsDiamond Necklace












Virgos are modest yet innovative when it comes to dressing. They are diligent in nature and notice every detail of almost anything. They like simple and delicate jewellry and would never go for overpowering trinkets. A delicate white dainty pearl set along with an intricately designed diamond nose ring is more like their thing.

Pearl SetDiamond Nosepin








Benevolent and gentle, a Libran loves classy designer labels. They are fond of luxurious fabrics and generally have a huge jewelry collection. The sign depicts balance and stability which also reflects in their jewelry style. To balance the scales and thus, have a very balanced attitude towards wearing jewelry as well. A fusion stoned pearl drop jhumka with an elegant emerald and diamond ring defines a Libran.

Emerald and Pearl EarringsEmerald & Diamonds Gold Finger Ring









The mysterious Scorpio’s taste changes according to their mood. You would not find Scorpios going overboard with their attire or precious stones. A comfortable tank top with an A-line skirt goes fabulous with Scorpios. A beautiful pair of blue topaz ear studs teamed with a regal gold and gemstone beads would add to the intense personality of the  intimidating Scorpio.

Diamond & Blue Topaz Studs EarringsGemstone Necklace










So, could you relate to the jewellery style according to your zodiac sign? Your personality is what defines you. Just stick to the jewellery that blends naturally with your persona and you are sure to take the world in your stride!

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