Look your Traditional Best this Shravana Masam

Shravana Masam is one of the most auspicious periods in the Telugu calendar mainly because the birth star of Lord Vishnu is Shravana Nakshatra. To add to the occasion, there are many festive days that fall within this period. The four Fridays of this month are celebrated by worshipping Goddess Mahalakshmi who is the wife of Lord Vishnu. Newly married women usually perform ‘Sravana Mangala Gowri Vratam’ on the Tuesdays of this month where they worship Godess Parvathi Devi for the well being of their husbands.

While it is an auspicious season to buy gold, you need to keep in mind the trends and traditions before investing in festive jewellery this Sravanamasam.

The ever reigning Kasulaperu

The best part of Shravanamasam is decking up in your finest silks and jewellery, which absolutely has to include the pure gold Kasulaperu. This beautiful neckpiece made of pure gold coins is seen being worn by both Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Venkateshwara in most pictures. The necklace can be traced back to the Vedic times, with the word Kasulaperu finding its origins in the Sanskrit word Karsapana, which was the name of Indian currency back then.

The Kasulaperu forms one of the finest pieces of festive jewellery, because of its auspiciousness and its versatility. It can easily be paired up with various other necklaces for a layered effect, and its simplicity goes very well with traditional jhumkis. For a trendy look, the Kalasaperu also comes with a statement pendant, giving it a contemporary feel.

shravana masam

Lord Ram Parivar Gold Kasu necklace

Maatilu or ear chains

There’s nothing more alluring than delicate ear chains. traditionally known as maatilu, these earrings ornament your ears and hair. As South Indian women prefer to tie up their lustrous hair during festivals, the maatilu adds a very old world charm to their look. They are also a great piece of jewellery to invest in if you are not looking for something very expensive, yet traditional. Adding fresh flowers to your plait or a bun enhances your look multi fold.

shravana masam, festival jewellery

Diamond dangle earrings

Gold Bangles

Dressing like the Goddess Lakshmi is the tradition during Shravanamasam and that is incomplete without a pair of gorgeous gold bangles adorning both hands. You can pair up the gold with glass bangles that match your sari for every occasion, thus re-using the bangles creatively.

shravana masam, festival jewellery

Diamond Ruby Gold Link Bangle

Maang Tikka

Any traditional occasion is incomplete without the maang tikka. You can buy yours in pure gold with pearls, or try out a piece of kundan jewellery for an exquisite touch. If you prefer a more traditional style, pure gold maang tikkas with nakshi designs are the perfect ornaments for you. A maang tikka can add the perfect touch to your festive jewellery this Shravanamasam.


Anklets are traditionally always worn in silver, but they still form an integral part of traditional jewellery worn during the festive season. The reason they are always worn in silver is because silver emanates the energies of the body, providing positivity and fertility. Hence even though they are not traditionally gold, they are extremely important pieces of ornaments in the auspicious festive season.

Shravanamasam is all about positivity, seeking blessings and giving thanks for everything we have. Enjoy this festive season with your favourite pieces of jewellery and the finest garments.

Krishna Jewellers, Pearls and Gems wishes you a prosperous and Happy Shravana Masam.