Mangalsutras Designs for Brides to be

An age old tradition, the highlight of an Indian, Hindu wedding is when the groom places the mangalsutra around his bride’s neck, signifying their union forever. This beautiful moment of togetherness and promise of love now comes in a contemporary twist, with the young brides of today experimenting and selecting unique mangalsutra designs that they can adore for the rest of their lives. Some of the trends for this year in mangalsutras are highlighted below.

Experimental Pendants

A lot of brides are trying new designs in mangalsutra pendants. You can choose from a wide range including floral, meena work, and geometric and minimalist pendants. Young women want something they can wear even with their contemporary wear, thus they opt for more minimalist pendants and simple gold and black chains in mangalsutras. The pendant is usually in a gold base, embellished with diamonds or a simple gold design by itself. An interesting option would be to add a drop pearl as a pendant, giving the mangalsutra a very elegant, feminine touch.


Gold Mangalsutra with black beads

Gemstone Mangalsutras

Gone are the days of simple black and gold with a gold pendant. Women now choose mangalsutras with embellishments of various precious stones, especially diamonds, to be knotted into the chain throughout instead of a single pendant at the end. Imagine the classic gold and black offset with the sparkle of white in diamonds. It’s the perfect mangalsutra any bride could want. A really rich touch would be to incorporate the navratna all along the chain of the mangalsutra, which could become your statement necklace whenever you step out.


Gold Mangalsutra with pearl and ruby

Nakshi Mangalsutras

Typical South Indian temple jewellery has a lot of nakshi work in it, with the symbols of divine forms, nature and fauna. It would be an ode to temple jewellery for a South Indian bride to incorporate nakshi art into her mangalsutra as well, giving it a unique touch while carrying forward her heritage. Traditional mangalsutras came with a gold pendant, and a bride who prefers the original style can simply get a nakshi pendant designed in place of the gold coins. Voila! She has a new design that seamlessly blends the old and the new, while giving her a unique mangalsutra that she would be proud to wear everywhere.


Gold Mangalsutra with black beads

Choker Mangalsutras

Yes, choker mangalustras are a trend for the modern brides who like to create a distinct style of their own. A choker mangalustra will look gorgeous with absolutely any Indian wear and lend a chic style to the young bride whenever she flaunts the symbol of her marriage.


Gold Mangalsutra with Cz pendant

Mangalsutras in trendy designs become all the more reason for a newly married woman to set a style statement at the post wedding celebrations, as well as enjoy wearing it with western wear if she wants to as well. At Krishna Jewellers Pearls and Gems, we have some trendy collections in both traditional and contemporary mangalsutras to suit every bride to be.