Mix and Match Your Piece of Jewellery

While we’ve been talking a lot about the new jewellery trends for this season which are all about exploring your persona and making bold statements, we cannot forget to talk about mixing and matching your jewellery to show our fashion statement!

Layer, Layer, Layer

Yes, we say it thrice, because you can never go wrong with layering! Layer a traditional neckpiece with a choker to spice it up, or layer a series of delicate chains at varying lengths. Experiment the way you want, with the kind of jewellery you have. You can even layer up you rings by stacking them, or wear multiple different bracelets together.  Mix up your jewellery by thickness and size, to create a dramatic effect on your outfit.

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Emerald Layered Sun Drop Set


Work around the statement piece

While mixing and matching is exciting, we don’t want to overdo it. Choose one part of your body to highlight, and work around it. If you choose a statement a ring, highlight it with a few bracelets or bangles to complement the ring. Let the statement piece stand out, while the other build up the effect of the ornament, almost as though you are telling a story through your jewellery.

piece of jewellery, Jewellery Online

Gold Diamond Bracelet


Mix up the metals

It matters no more whether you are wearing gold, silver, copper or rose gold! Mix and match the metals all you want because this season is about going all out, and that includes metals. Just a mix of a metals and your entire look becomes dressier. This works very well with the modern trend of minimalism in jewellery that’s all about fine bracelets, rings and earrings.

Add colour to your aura

If there’s one thing to play safe with while mixing and matching jewellery, it’s adding colour. You can never go wrong with a dash of bright colour in your accessorising. A turquoise stone or a coral pendant adds instant brightness to the gold and silver, perking up your look. Adding colour is now no longer a thing for daytime, you can go for a deeper blue with lapis lazuli or emeralds for a rich green in the night time.

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Floral Ruby Pebble Necklace


Create a new era of old and new

What’s the advantage every Indian woman has in her jewellery trousseau? A wide range of heirloom jewellery that holds strong heritage and familial significance; along with a collection of modern jewellery that she loves buying every now and then. Use that to your advantage, and freely mix modern pieces with the vintage, creating a unique look for yourself with your ornaments that are precious to you for all the memories they hold.

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Flower Dangle Earrings

The perfect time to mix and match your jewellery is now, so if you’ve never done it before, here’s the time to. Add eclectic pieces to your jewellery wardrobe that stand out and speak volumes from Krishna Jewellers Pearls and Gems, which also work perfectly to mix up your look.