New Arrivals at Jubilee Hills

The winter wedding season is right around the corner. With the multitude of marriages to attend, it is almost a must to wear the finest Indian ethnic attire. Following this season’s fashion trends, big and bold pieces of jewellery are currently in style. And so are traditional motifs. Krishna Pearls and Jewellers brings to you a new range of uniquely designed pieces, inspired by this season’s jewellery trends.


Inspired by the Ramayana

Exquisitely designed, this pendant shows Hanumana paying his respects to Rama and Sita. With its intricate carvings and a fine selection of gemstones, this necklace will make heads turn in appreciation.


Big and Bright

With large pearl drops and vibrant rubies, these simple yet stunning earrings can brighten any outfit. The drop-shaped diamond-studded motifs add a contemporary floral touch when paired with traditional Indian wear.


Diamond Drops

Look elegant in this diamond bracelet. The round motifs are just the right blend of delicate and contemporary, and reminiscent of the eyes of peacock feathers. Wear it around your wrist in pride, stunning those around you.


Bold and Fine Carvings

Studded with rubies, emeralds, diamonds and pearls, this necklace will make you feel like royalty. Its large pendant has fine detailing, with two miniature peacocks carved into it. As a handcrafted piece, it would look perfect when worn with an elegant sari.


Of Peacocks and Paisley

Traditional motifs like the peacock and the mango (paisley) are in abundance in this necklace. Big and bold, it ticks all the boxes of what’s in style this season. Fine details carved into each part of the necklace and studded with rubies and emeralds, stay in the spotlight when wearing this piece.


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