Opal – A Rare and Precious Stones

Cloudy and firey, the opal stone is one of the most interesting looking precious stones and has some equally interesting properties.

Popularly associated with the planet Venus, opal stones are most commonly found in Australia. There are many types of opal stones like Fire opal, Black opal, White Opal, etc. however, white opal is more easily available and can be seen as used in jewellery more commonly than its other counterparts.

The black opal is the most sought after as captures the imagination of many, followed by the fire opal which diffracts lights of hues that resemble fire. It’s a brilliant demeanor can catch the attention of anyone and everyone when worn.

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Opal Stone Berry Studs & Pendant

History & Composition:

The ancient Greeks believed that opals were formed from the tears of joy wept by Zeus when he defeated the Titans, and that the opal bestowed prophetic powers on those that adorned it.

An ancient naturalist had described the stone as containing the glories of all the precious stones – the fire of ruby, the richness of amethyst, the depth of sapphire, and the sea of the emerald. The stone derives its various properties from these facets is also known as the Queen of Gemstones.

Found amongst the cavities and cracks of volcanic deposits, Opal is composed mainly of water and silica. The silica is arranged in an orderly 3-dimensional grid which is what gives it its multi-coloured glow.

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Opal Stone Finger ring


Historically it was believed that this stone with its multi-coloured glow inspired good fortune and love. It is also known to help enhance the creativity of the wearer. Wearing this stone helps gives the wearer strength, beauty and joy as it works to appreciate your charm and your passion.

People in the travel business or in export and import business will find it extremely beneficial to wear this stone.

The stone has a protective aura which it what reflects even in the wearer.

Be wary of wearing the stone without the opinion of an astrologer as sometimes Opals can induce laziness and make people cold.

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Opal Statement Studs

Opal Jewellery:

The last few years have seen the opal stone make its way back into mainstream jewellery. Gold jewellery with opal stone can be adorned in the most fashionable way as it can literally be paired with any outfit, due to its iridescent sparkle.

Its ability to diffract light makes it a unique stone to posses. Some of the finest opal and gold jewellery can be found at our stores, at Krishna Jewellers, Pearls and Gems. Walk in and be amazed!