Our Best Jewellery Collections – Latest Jewellery Collection

At Krishna Pearls and Jewellers, we’re known to house some of the best and latest jewellery collection that are timeless and ethereal in their charm. We take pride in the originality and finesse of our designs, a tradition passed down centuries in true Hyderabadi style. As the festive season comes upon us, we want to share some our best collections that you will absolutely adore.

Our latest jewellery collection in gold

Straight out of the set of a royal movie, our newest collection will leave you spellbound in its intricacy,

beauty and grace. A combination of gold, string pearls, and exquisite polki work in precious stones, the collection comprises heavenly necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings in traditional designs with a contemporary charm. Traditional floral and paisley motifs are used in abundance, lending a very Mughal charm to your appearance when you wear them.


Jewellery for young girls

Earrings are a favourite part of a woman’s wardrobe right since she is a young girl. We have some very simple, innocent designs for young girls. Simple gold ring looped earrings, small gold studs in pretty floral patterns, or single precious stones earrings. They will not be too troublesome for the active lifestyle of a young girl, but also give her a very charming look whenever she wears them. We also have simple gold chains with small delicate pendants to initiate her into the world of jewellery in a simply yet elegant way.

Tourmaline Stone Danglers


Tourmaline Stone Danglers

Gold with diamond dangle earrings

diamond dangle earrings


Pearl Bracelet-BR028A

 Pearl Bracelet



Bridal Jewellery

When we talk about some of our best collections, how can we not talk about the bridal trousseau of the big fat Indian wedding? We have a range of intricately done elaborate chokers set in diamonds with other precious stones, fit for a royal bride. Our bridal trousseau includes everything a South Indian Bride would need for her wedding, like from the jada to vaddanam, all in pure gold with intricate designs carved onto them. We even have an amazing collection of maang tikkas and silver anklets for the bride.

Romantic Bridal Y-necklace

Romantic Bridal Y-necklace


Bridal Gold Jada Bridal gold jada


Peacock Design Vaddanam with South Sea Pearl Drops


Peacock design vaddanam

We bring you the finest collection of jewellery every season, whether it is pure gold or imitation jewellery that not only match your taste perfectly but also keep you ahead of all the trends. Start your festive shopping for jewellery at the right place: Krishna Pearls and Jewellers.