Outfit and Jewellery ideas for Navratri – Navratri Ornaments Special

Nine days of dancing, celebrating and wearing different coloured clothes each day makes fasting all the more worth it during Navratri! The season of festivals is here once again, with Navratri leading the fore.  During this festival of womanhood, each state worships a different goddess, which is all the more reason for women across India to revel in their beauty and power during these nine days. Adorn yourselves with Navratri ornaments fit for a goddess and as you take on the fasts and rituals through the days, ending with dancing all through the night.

Colour me happy in Navratri colours

Each day of Navratri is represented by a different colour that stands for an auspicious aspect of the festival. The first day starts with yellow for the Goddess Parvati. Wear your pure gold temple jewellery, made of gold coins and thick, magnificent pendant necklaces to match the colour of the day with a traditional sari in yellow silk. Day two is in green, for Goddess Bhramacharini, who is the unwed avatar of Goddess Parvati. This is the day to bring out your emerald chokers, earrings or rings. The deep green stone will bring out the youthfulness and innocence of young womanhood in you, embodying the Navratri colours perfectly. You can pair them with a resplendent emerald green kurta and palazzos for a contemporary look this day.

Navratri ornaments special

Gold antique style twin peacock necklace

The colour for the third day is grey, representing the crescent moon Goddess Parvati, Your handmade or antique silver jewellery, speaking a vintage language can take over the day with a an elegant appearance. Any light grey outfit gets an instant uplift with silver or white gold jewellery so feel free to layer on all the jewellery you want. Bright orange is the colour for day four of Navratri, so you can bring out those precious corals for a funky feel. A fusion dress with your statement coral neckpiece, can take your look from day to night easily.

Navratri ornaments special

White gold diamond necklace

Day five is for Goddess Skandamata, who rode a lion with her baby, Lord Kartikeya in her arms. The pure white is representative of the strength and love of a mother. What better way to express purity than through the everlasting diamonds and pearls? Paired with a white Chikankari Kurta or dress, day five will go by in a breeze. Day six is for the all powerful red, representative of the warrior in Goddess Durga. What better jewels can signify the power of a warrior woman other than deep red rubies? Wear drop earrings in rubies, or bangles dotted with rubies all over as the perfect ornament during the Navratri poojas. A deep red silk sari, or a kalamkari printed outfit makes for the perfect match for your rubies.

Navratri ornaments special

Gold Ruby Pearl Chain

Day seven is blue for Devi Kalaratri, who killed two demons Shumbha and Nishubha. Your elegant sapphire rings will pair beautifully with a midnight blue sari even with fusion wear if you feel like it. Ashtami, or day eight is pink, for Gauri Maa, so experiment with tones of rose gold for a different look this year, which will also match wonderfully with any of your outfits in baby pink or deep pink. Day nine, the final day, is dedicated to wisdom and knowledge, hence the colour purple. The beautiful ancient wise stone of Amethyst becomes the perfect ornament for the last day of Navratri which you can pair with a rich purple sari or a lehenga in purple and gold for the last day.

Navaratri ornaments special

Bold Amethyst Stud Earrings

Chaitra Navratri or Rama Navratri

Occurring around March every year, Chaitra Navratri celebrates the goddess Shakti in her various forms, and also celebrates the birthday of Lord Rama at the end of the festival. While it is more popular in North India, Chaitra Navratri is also popularly celebrated in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, beginning with the auspicious day of Ugadi. Fasting is an important part of the festival, with lots of Navratri poojas taking place every day. Women usually wear more traditional temple jewellery during this period, signifying its importance as the beginning of the Hindu year.

Make your Navratri all the more colourful by planning your wardrobe from now, and purchasing all the jewellery you want for the festive season. Choosing different coloured stones make jewellery shopping all the more exciting. We wish you all a blessed and auspicious Navratri!