Pathergatti – A Heritage in Pearls

Hyderabad, ruled by the Nizams for about 200 years, attracted jewellers and gem traders from around the world, particularly those who traded in pearls. Called the ‘City of Pearls’, Hyderabad acquired its name due to the Nizams’ penchant for these rare and lustrous gems.

Pathergatti, near Charminar, saw the first pearl store, opened by Ram Dutt Malji and his son in 1906. Soon the Nizams came to depend on them and appointed the two as their royal jewellers. Pathergatti became the hub for pearl and jewellery trade, and is still known for these exquisite items, selling about 40-50 thousand kilograms of pearls per year.

While back in the day pearls were primarily traded by merchants from the Persian Gulf, today Charminar sees over 14,000 pearl shops. A lot of the pearl shops in Charminar are more than a century old and till date offer the best quality pearls other than a wide range of other gemstones.

In perfect symmetry, Krishna Pearls’ first store was opened in Pathergatti in 1983. Honouring the heritage of Pathergatti, we offer an extensive range of pearl jewellery. At our store you will find pearls from all over the world – Tahitian, South Sea, Akoya and fresh water pearls – varying in colour and size.

Located near Charminar, we at Krishna Pearls and Jewellers have always presented our customers with exclusive designs. Our vast collection of gold, pearl, gemstone and diamond jewellery caters to every occasion. Handcrafted to perfection, each piece is unique.


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