Pathergatti: Passion in the Paradise of Pearls

The pearl is the oldest of all gems and has been celebrated by humans for 6000 years.

Considered the ‘City of Pearls’, the opulent Nizams and Qutb Shahi rulers of Hyderabad had an affinity for pearl trading and soon grew to be experts in the craft. They were so captivated by pearls that it was a large part of their cultural heritage; it inspired timeless art, queens and princesses would even apply crushed pearls on their skin believed to enhance their beauty.

It was Ram Dutt Malji, a talented royal jeweller, who introduced pearls to the city. His son then opened the first ever pearl shop in Pathergatti in 1906. In continuation of this rich legacy, the very first store of Krishna Pearls shares the same location, and was opened in Pathergatti in 1983. As our flagship store, it is more than symbolic that the Krishna Pearls and Jewellers in Charminar is located in one of the oldest commercial centres of the city alongside century old pearl stores.

Our patrons comprise of a multi-national clientele, who place their trust in our 30 year old legacy and unwavering customer service. Time and again, they return to delightfully explore our diverse product line amidst the glorious bustle of the Charminar bazaar.

Sultan Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah, the 5th ruler of his dynasty, constructed the Charminar in the very spot where he first laid eyes upon the love of his life – Bhagmati. Nearly 400 years later, it is with the same romance and flair that we proudly pursue the pearl trade.

At Krishna Pearls and Jewellers in the Charminar region, you will find gorgeous, handcrafted pieces of diamond, silver, Jadau, Pacchi, Polki and temple jewellery. We specialise in pearl, gold and precious stones and are constantly innovating classic and contemporary designs.

It goes without saying that our pearls are genuine, of the highest quality and precisely dealt with by our esteemed in-house designers. Our extraordinary collection of freshwater and south sea pearls are delicately crafted for your special occasions – a testimony to Hyderabad’s glorious past and celebration of life itself.

For more details regarding our products, please check out the store at:

Krishna Pearls Dealer
22-6-209, Beside Miralam Mandi, Between Madina Building & Machli Kaman, Pathergatti Road, Near Charminar, Hyderabad, Telangana – 500002
Phone Number: 040 – 6614 7455