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Perfect and Priceless: The Diamond Collection at Jubilee Hills

Diamonds are one of the most treasured jewels in the world and the jewellery they make is often priceless. Krishna Pearls and Jewellers has a breathtaking range of diamond jewellery. If you’re looking for the most fabulous of Krishna Pearls’ diamond jewellery shops Jubilee Hills is the place to go. With a gorgeous diamond jewellery collection, featuring extraordinary designs in earrings, rings, necklaces, pendant sets, bangles, bracelets and more, shopping for diamond jewellery at Jubilee Hills is the ultimate experience.

Here’s a look at some of our irresistibly stylish pieces:

Floral Beauty


Drop-shaped diamonds that fall spectacularly from diamond-studded flowers with heart-shaped petals make this pair of nature-inspired earrings. Wear it with an elegant gown or sari for a subtle chic look to that evening cocktail party and wow the crowd.

Splendid Swirls


This diamond necklace is a piece of understated elegance. Its swirly leaf motifs that surround two large emeralds really take it to a class above. Wear it to a wedding for that gorgeous and sophisticated style.

Alluring Leaves


Leaf motifs that sparkle bright with diamond drops, this diamond piece is sure to take everyone’s breath away. Paired with western or Indian attire, look your fabulous best at any formal lunch or soirée.

Natural Intricacies


An exquisite pendant with a vivid emerald drop surrounded by delicately carved nature-inspired motifs, it reflects a serene and graceful style. Bejewelled with diamonds, the necklace with its subtle magnificent round pearl is a definite showstopper.

Embellished Asymmetry


Encrusted with gleaming rubies, this piece of diamond jewellery radiates asymmetric beauty with its chic concentric drops and trendy diamond cluster. Matched with any western outfit, it makes for a classy modern look.

Trendy Drops


Simple and modern this bracelet is an absolute stunner. Its drop motifs come together in an elegant diamond bouquet, giving you a sophisticated look when accessorized with a western or Indian outfit.

Elegant Symmetry


Look resplendent at any wedding in this brilliant necklace. A multitude of diamond drops that cascade from a string of leaf-shaped diamonds, this piece speaks to those with a love for harmonious panache.

Diamond jewellery can be classy, traditional and unique. Krishna Pearls has a wide collection of breathtakingly beautiful designs in diamond jewellery, ranging from simple stunning earrings and studs for everyday wear to gorgeous intricate necklaces and bangles for that glamorous look to wear to any wedding or evening out.

Check out our exquisite diamond jewellery collection at our Krishna Pearls store at Jubilee Hills:


For any product-related queries, call us on 7097298836 or visit our store at Road No. 36, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad. For the complete address of the store click here: http://bit.ly/2eAPO1t