Picking out the perfect engagement ring

That moment when you ask your loved one to be yours forever and see her face light up at the promise of love is incomparable. While you’re planning the most beautiful surprise for her, you are also on the lookout for the perfect ring to match her flawlessness. We understand your excitement and nervousness and are here to assist you in picking out the perfect ring to celebrate your love. Read on for a few things to keep in mind during the selection process.

The Stone and Metal
The first thing you have to choose is the metal and stone. Now, this is where you have to know your partner’s style well. Depending on whether she wears more of gold, silver or platinum you can take your pick. Also, not every woman loves diamonds, so a sapphire or emerald can look just as elegant and gorgeous as a symbol of your love. Paying a little attention to the kind of jewellery she wears (or asking her friend if you’re confused) will do the trick, and we’re here to help with the rest.

To add more romance to your ring, you can get your names or dates inscribed onto the ring as well.

Blue Sapphire & Diamonds Finger ring

The Setting on the Ring
Now whether you have picked a pure, white diamond or a mesmerizing precious stone, deciding the style you want the ring to be in ads to its grace. The setting refers to how to the stones will be placed on the ring. If she is extremely minimalistic, a Solitaire (Tiffany) or a three stone setting is the right choice. For a girl who loves her diamonds, the eternity band, which has diamonds that go all around and add an unmatched sparkle to her are the preferred choice. In today’s age, one can even mix and match styles to create an original piece that will leave your girl speechless.

The 4 C’s
Assuming you’re picking the pure, white stone to go with, we’ve given you a brief on the main things you need to keep in mind to ensure its purity.

Gold with Diamond Tri Floral Ring

The cut of a diamond refers to what we commonly call the sparkle. A good cut, or make, have around 58 facets at the least. A diamond that allows light to reflect through and back on you is the one you have to pick. A well-cut diamond reflects light from one facet to another and projects the light through the top of the stone. This is what gives a diamond its sparkle. Diamonds that are cut too deep or too shallow leak light through the bottom or the side of the stone, and end up looking too dull.

Most diamonds have a slight hint of yellow but the higher the grade of the diamond, the more colourless it is. While choosing one, you need to look for a transparent diamond. The colour is graded on a scale that ranges from D (colourless) to Z (light yellow).

The diamond’s clarity is a description of its internal purity. With fewer imperfections within the stone, the diamond is rarer and has a higher value. The factors that determine the clarity of diamonds are – size, number, position, nature & colour.

Quite simply, a diamond’s carat is a measurement of weight. In the olden days, diamonds were measured using carob seeds, which were small and uniform and served as a perfect counterweight to the diamond. The word “carob” is the origin of the word “carat” that we use today.
While the larger the diamond, the more the price, it is important to remember that weight does not always equal size or beauty. Poorly-cut diamonds intended to maximize size but can be dull and lifeless. A well-cut diamond can reflect light more and make the diamond actually appear larger as well.

The Shape of the Stone
You have the setting in mind, so now you pick the shape you want the stone in. You have a variety of shapes to pick from right from the classic princess cut to the modern pear cut, or if your girl is more experimental, then the Emerald or Asscher cut would do her justice. We will help you select a shape that suits the setting and stone you’ve picked.

Know her size
While you’re working hard at choosing the best ring and design, don’t forget the most important thing, which is getting her ring size right. There are a few ways to play this out. Either you can pick up an old ring of hers and use it for measurement, or get her friends/family involved to help you out with it. This is a detail that can often slip the mind but is most crucial to ensure your proposal goes smoothly.

At Krishna Pearls, we pay utmost attention to every detail to create a handcrafted piece that’s like no other. So head over to our store and we’ll guide you through the process to create an engagement ring that will be treasured by both of you forever.

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