Radiate in Timeless Pearls at Krishna Pearls and Jewellers

If you’re looking for the best of pearls and pearl jewellery, Hyderabad is the place to go. Hyderabadi pearls are famous around the world as the best in quality and most valuable pearls. The abundance of pearl shops and pearl jewellery shops around the city means you can buy pearls anywhere.

History says that the Nizams of Hyderabad loved pearls for their rarity and lustre. This attracted pearl jewellers and gem traders from around the world, giving Hyderabad the name ‘City of Pearls’. The first pearl store was opened in Pathergatti. Located near Charminar, one of Krishna Pearls and Jewellers stores is in Pathergatti too, since 1983!

With the city developing through the years, many pearl and jewellery stores are opening in and around Hyderabad. Jewellery shops in Pathergatti, Jubilee Hills or in malls like Inorbit Mall have opened up in a large number, all of them dealing in pearls, pearl jewellery, gold jewellery, silver jewellery, diamond jewellery or gemstone jewellery. We at Krishna Pearls are proud to have opened a jewellery shop in Jubilee Hills, our flagship store.

As pearls did during the time of the Nizams, our pearls too range from Akoya to South Sea to Tahitian to Kakamoti to Mother Pearls. We have pearl beads in different colours too, like white, black, pink, gold and grey!

Pearls are classy and timeless. They make any outfit look stylish effortlessly. A touch of elegance is added when you wear a simple string of a pearl necklace or pretty pearl drop earrings. For a trendy contemporary look, wear pearls in different colours, as pearl earrings or intricate gold and pearl necklaces matched with modern Western clothing!

Our stores, whether in Pathergatti or Jubilee Hills or even online, have a huge sparkling collection of gold, silver, pearl, gemstone and diamond jewellery. We have rings, chains, necklaces, earrings, pendant sets, bangles, bracelets and so much more! Traditional or stylish, antique pieces or contemporary designs, we at Krishna Pearls have jewellery to match any outfit, making you the star of the show on any occasion, whether weddings or a day out!

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