Shine like your work: Jewellery for Working Women

Jewellery is indeed a great accessory to add to any boring outfit and to spark up your personality. But what kind of jewellery is work appropriate? And how much is too much to wear at the office? Well, style has no rules. You can always wear precious jewellery to work, as long as it is apt and makes you look as pretty as ever. Here are some great tips to exhibit your style with the jewellery as beautiful as your work:

1. The Confident Consultant

A consultant pretty much has a choice to work from anywhere and so has the liberty to wear clothes that are comfortable. Pick a comfortable pair of jeans with a tee that is made of breathable fabric. Let your feet be happy by wearing comfortable lace-ups or moccasins. This job demands jewellery that is not too grand since most consultants end up travelling a lot. Stick to the minimal, like a contemporary yet simple bracelet that will go well with every kind of causal outfit!  You may perk up your look with subtle ear studs crafted in emerald and sparkling diamonds.


2. The Corporate Girl

Working for corporate sure sets a limit to the scope of experimenting since the rules can be very rigid. But that doesn’t mean you can’t look stylish. Go with an ultra-formal white shirt with black pencil skirt for a crisp, professional look. Match up a well crafted pair of pearl earrings that adds a blaze of grace and class to your otherwise office look. Opt for a delicate and beautiful necklace which will make heads turn at work. Go gaga over choker necklaces and wear them under your buttoned shirt collar for an added style drama.


3. The Graceful Teacher

Teaching can be a hard profession. You need to come across as a confident, strong personality to be able to manage a big bunch of students. Dressing right is as important as being a good guide. Neatly fitted suits and well-draped sarees portray a confident woman. Pair with an elegant pendant set neckpiece that screams attention but commands respect. Adding a set of dazzling diamond bangles would certainly bring out the sophistication in your outfit.



4. The Public Relations Professional

PR professionals need to look decked up or rather presentable at all times. A formal grey belted dress with a blazer or a colourful A-line dress can do wonders for your confidence. Pick jewellery that is charming, amusing and young to flatter those around you. A solid sapphire stone wrapped around an open chamber of jaded diamonds is the ring you are looking for. A necklace and earrings set speaks optimism and poise. If not for the gleaming gems, try keeping it elegant with some simple crystal or pearl pieces to draw attention.



Dressing up for work can be tricky. When done right, jewellery can be a great way to perk up your look in the office. Just remember – Be elegant. Be classy. Be You!