Silver wear – How to keep silver jewellery and ornaments sparkling

Silverware in the home looks beautiful, whether you use it at your puja table for thaalis or idols, or even serve-ware. Much of the silverware you own will be heirloom pieces treasured over generations and are of strong sentimental value for you. Silver tarnishes easily, just like copper, and you need to clean it regularly to keep the shine on. The care needed for silverware often stops us from buying more of this beautiful metal. So we’ve devised this simple guide for you to keep your silverware spotless and ensure it is the centrepiece of your home.



What cleaning agents to use?
For your silver accessories like diya stands, thaalis and jewelley that you use on a regular basis, washing immediately after use in warm water with a mild soapy solution does the trick. For a quick fix, you can use a mild toothpaste to lightly scrub and rinse the ornament to bring its sheen back. Baking soda is also popularly used, but the quantity has to be regulated as it can tarnish your pieces in the long run. If you want to go completely organic you can use a mixture of banana peel and water in a paste form to clean it thoroughly.
Investing in a silver polish is also essential. Silver reacts to acid negatively and thus cannot be cleaned with products meant for copper or any other metal.

What are the best cleaning materials?
Don’t use regular scrubbers that you use on your stainless steel utensils. Instead get a soft cloth or cotton wool. For small jewellery or intricate design crevices, a cotton bud works very well. Never use any kind of brush that is abrasive and can cause scratches on the surface. A pair of gloves will help keep off fingerprints, while a linen cloth to dry ensures all the moisture is successfully wiped away. Old soft toothbrushes can be used with a gentle hand.

How to clean them?
Wash silverware like a thaalis or cutlery immediately so the stains do not stick. After they are clean, pat them dry thoroughly to avoid water stains or moisture retaining. They will look as new as before and be ready for use again. When using a silver polish, never dip the silverware into the polish, but always use a cotton swab or cloth to wipe it, as any remains of polish will cause eroding over time. Avoid polishing too often; a regular wash and thorough drying takes care of your silverware in the best way.

How do you store them?
Before you decide to store away any silverware that you don’t use too often, make sure it’s completely dry. Wrapping them in an acid free paper like butter paper will keep them safe from staining (never use plastics or newspaper), and putting them away into cloth bags prevents air from getting in and oxidising them. You can add a small silica sachet- the kinds you get in a shoebox- to absorb any excess bits of moisture.
Wherever you choose to store your silverware, it should be free from chemicals or paints as the fumes can eventually make their way through to your silverware and erode it.

Special care
Silver is a very delicate metal, and susceptible to chemicals, so put on your silver jewellery only after wearing your make-up and perfume. It is also important not to wear silver jewellery while swimming or doing the dishes.
Now that you’ve got the handbook to keeping your silverware sparkling and shiny, you can head over to our Krishna Jewellers, Pearls & Gems store and purchase silverware to your heart’s content!

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