Stand Out with Minimalist Jewellery This Monsoons!

The breezy-fizzy weather has woken up the rains and it’s safe to affirm that the monsoons have begun!
With the changing weather, you must be juggling around with your jewellery collection. Styling up your jewellery can be a little tricky with the rains pouring around. However we won’t let the rainy weather spoil your appearance. With our exquisite collection on minimalist jewellery, take the opportunity to flaunt your vivacious style, and complete your monsoon look with confidence.

Sleek Chain Necklace
Since the season demands petite jewellery, we’ve picked sleek chain necklaces to be on top of the charts. Trendy and timeless, these elegant pearl chains are sure to become a head-turner this time of the year. Pair them up for a casual day outing with hot pants and loose shirt to get an all day subtle look!

Simple Stud Earrings
Comfortable, pretty, and stylish, stud earrings appeal the most, this season. Choose diamonds and gold pieces that bring out your bold and vibrant side suitably. Unlike pearls, diamonds and gold wouldn’t be harmed by the rains and would offer you that perfect shine you desire. Keep your jewellery minimal to look effortlessly graceful.

Dainty Bracelets
Delicate gold and gemstone bracelets are durable and fun to wear. Be it a classy dress or casual attire, they compliment them all. These charismatic bracelets are surely going to add glamour and glitz to your personality.


Fragile Gemstone Rings
Go for fragile rings to keep things subtle this season. Pick a ring in sapphire and diamonds or emeralds to style your ordinary outfits and make them trendier. Gemstone rings are definitely a must-have to make you the centre of attention.

Bring out your all tiny and petite jewellery that you can don this season, and you are good to go rock the rainy days.

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