Style guide to wear your pearl jewelry right

While diamonds are a girl’s best friend, pearls are said to be classy jewels for elderly women or brides! But if styled correctly, pearls could be your major fashion statement. Wearing Pearls are great for every day. From work outfits to meeting the girl gang for brunch and even the job interview! Affordable, versatile and gorgeous, pearl jewelry can refine your everyday look supremely.

Here are 3 trendy looks you could carry off with the elegant and oh-so-pretty pearls:

Casual Denim look:
If you want to deck up your casual jeans, just add some pearl jewelry to your look. Choose a pair of well-fitted skinny jeans, comfortable heels, a solid color top and a blazer. Beautify this look with a double string of subtle looking pearls for absolute flawlessness of your smart casual wear. If your outfit is more colorful like a patterned or textured top, choose a single strand pearl necklace instead. Add to the look with some subtle hanging pearl earrings. For well-groomed hands try wearing pearl bangles and pearl bracelets.




Date Night Look:
If clothes are the cake, then jewellery is the icing. A simple neckpiece with a drop pendant or a bracelet with tassels, pearls can never let you down. Date night is all about excitement, joy and romance. This calls for the wow factor jewellery, the type that would mesmerize him and make you the centre of all attention. Try mixing coloured gemstones with pearls; it’s the best of both worlds. Choose south sea pearls with amazing shine and stones that add just the right amount of oomph. The ideal date night earrings, are a fusion of lovely colours and textures. The gorgeous and deep blue hues of the sapphire along with pearls are sure to sweep him off his feet.


Glam Look
For the glamorous look, you can style a casual outfit with a pretty long skirt, a simple white top-tank and a sun-hat with a classic black pearls necklace. Pick black pearl necklaces for novelty, originality, and absolute taste. To look even more dashing, one of the safest and most valuable pick nowadays is the pearl choker, an all-times faithful friend which goes grand with evening gowns, casual outfits, and even business attire. It doesn’t matter you attend a charity event, a concert or a theatre play. Depending on the situation, you can style your pearl choker with diamond trinkets for upscale events, with metal chains for a street-smart look, with layers of faux pearls, beads and gems necklaces for glamorous look. The main idea is that the pearl choker is so versatile, you can wear it however you want, wherever you go. Consider wearing diamond and pearl studs to add to the grace.


No matter what outfit you choose to wear with your pearls, you’ll certainly look and feel amazing. Somehow, pearls just manage to make you feel just a little bit more feminine and elegant than any other piece of jewelry does. Pearl jewellery is definitely worth your investment.

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