jewellery designing

The Art of Jewellery Designing

Designing your own jewellery is an extremely personal process because it’s all about expressing yourself through your designs. You become an artist with fashion as your canvas. Designing your own jewellery is one of the best ways in which you can show your personality in a unique way, while also setting new standards of fashion. You don’t have to be a professional designer; all you need is some guidelines to get you started. Here we have highlighted a few simple ways in which you can design jewellery your way.

Research, research and research

The best way to get started is to start collecting pictures of jewellery pieces that you like, which will help create inspiration for your designs. Group them according to colour or style, for eg. Jewellery with precious stones, vintage jewellery, etc. The more designs you look at, the more ideas will keep growing in your mind. It’s also necessary to understand how certain gemstones function and how to identify pure stones. Reading up about your favourite jewellers also helps understand the mindset with which they approach jewellery design.

Sketch out your ideas

It doesn’t matter if you’re an artist or not, you should sketch out every idea you have. It helps you understand whether the piece of jewellery will look good when made, and helps you identify any detailing that is missing in your imagination and needs to be planned. Very often, a design in our imagination is very different from when we actually sketch it out. This process helps you fill the gaps in your idea and what you will eventually see.

Take advice

Feel free to take help from your trusted jeweller the first time round. Give them your design, whether it’s a sketch or a simple prototype, and ask them for advice. They may be able to offer suggestions to better the design or colour scheme, giving you an ornament that’s perfect in every way. You can even ask questions, and understand how different metals and gemstones react during the jewellery making process. A trusted jeweller will be more than happy to help with ideas.

Up-cycle your resources

When you start off designing your own jewellery, you may not have access to expensive gemstones, or beads that professionals use. Don’t worry; experimentation is the new cool, so feel free to try whatever you have. Use fabrics to make funky flowers, weave, crochet or knit into fabric chains and create a very personal style of jewellery.  You can even take broken jewellery and reinvent it in a whole new way, with rings as pendants and chains as bracelets, etc.


This year, jewellery is all about symbolism and motifs, and what tells a better story than jewellery that you have designed yourself? Feel free to start if you haven’t yet, and bring to the world a whole new fashion statement!