The Brilliance and Colour of Gemstones

Gemstones are what give jewellery more spirit with their diverse colours. Their hues and shades add to any outfit, livening up your style and mood. The sheer sparkling nature of gemstones is a quality to behold.

Often found as either precious or semi-precious stones, the worth of a gem can vary. There are only four precious stones: diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires. What makes them precious, for the most part, is their rarity. These are the jewels you want to wear for a classy sophisticated look. Other gemstones like amethysts, garnets and topazes, are semi-precious in nature. The pearl while being a gem, isn’t considered to be a stone because of its organic nature.


Rubies can be found from blood red to deep pink in colour. They are the birthstone for the month of July. It was believed that they offered peace and safety to the person who wore this gemstone. This is a great stone to wear at weddings, and is often found in traditional jewellery. They also make fabulous jewels to adorn, adding a touch of red to your outfit. Accessorise with a pendant set made with rubies, emeralds and pearls, or a simple and elegant ruby bracelet.


Found in a variety of green shades, emeralds are the birthstone for the month of May. While it was believed to have cured diseases, it does symbolise growth and renewal because of its green colour. These gemstones too, like the ruby, are very prominent in traditional Indian jewellery, making some of the best looking accessories as earrings, nose pins and extravagant necklace sets.



The sapphire is the fourth of the precious stones, found mostly in brilliant blues, and also yellows. The sapphire is the birthstone for September. The stone symbolises wisdom and purity and were once the preferred gemstone for engagement rings. Even now, sapphires make beautiful and elegant stones for rings, and even earrings, adding that touch of class to your stylish outfit.


Amethysts are beautiful purple semi-precious stones, often coloured in lavenders to deep purples. The birthstone of the month of February this gem often symbolises wisdom. Amethysts make for fabulous pieces of modern jewellery that are extraordinary and unique, giving you an edgy aesthetic. Wear a statement ring, a pair of studs or a bold pendant set for that jazzy style in purple.


January’s birthstone, garnets are usually found in a deep red colour. It symbolises trust and friendship, and was believed to be a stone of protection during a person’s travels. For their rich deep red hue, garnets are spectacular stones used in gemstone jewellery to add elegance to your outfit. Wear it to work or a formal soirée, garnets are perfect, as a pair of exquisite earrings or a big and bold statement ring, even for everyday wear.



The topaz is a stone in multiple colours, but commonly found in pretty pale blues and warm golden colours. The topaz was considered the birthstone of the month of November. They signify wealth, protection of health, as well as love and affection. These dazzling stones are a delight to match with any western or Indo-western ensemble, for a contemporary and magnificent look. Adorn a vivid blue statement ring, a stunning pale blue bracelet or warm golden topaz pendant set, perfect for an evening out.



The pearl while being a gem, is an organic gem. The birthstone of the month of June, these opalescent white round stones symbolise purity and femininity. Classy and iconic, wear a string of pearls in white, or even black if you’re feeling a little adventurous, with any formal outfit for an urban sophisticated style. You could even wear them as a gorgeous bangle or a lovely pair of earrings.

Gemstones add colour and meaning to our lives. Each is vibrant and full of cultural significance. And they make gorgeous pieces of jewellery whether traditional or modern. But remember, if you want to add that pop of colour to your outfit, wear gemstone jewellery and make your day that much brighter!

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