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The perfect alternatives to Diamond Rings

When you think diamond, you instantly think a beautiful pure white diamond rings set in platinum, sparkling in the light around it. Or do you? Well, to be honest, diamonds are not every girl’s cup of tea, and we at Krishna Pearls completely understand that. That’s why we’ll tell you about some absolutely gorgeous gemstones that look equally stunning as the ring of your dreams.

Heavenly Lavender  

Think a light, lavender colour, think Amethyst. This rarely used stone looks heavenly when paired with rose gold or silver, or in combination with another stone for a quirky ring. What’s even better, is that the Amethyst is 7 on the Mohs scale, (a diamond being 10 on the scale of hardness), but you can buy the stone for a quarter of the price of a diamond. We know it’s not always practical to buy a diamond, and the entire concept of spending two months’ salary on a ring is something made up as a marketing campaign. So go ahead and pick a beautiful amethyst ring for the love of your life.

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A Ray of Sapphire

Speaking of light stones, another option that looks like a diamond but isn’t, is the Sapphire. Sapphires come in both blue and yellow, but the pale blue is usually the more popular of the two.  It’s also a strong 9 on the Mohrs scale, coming closest to the diamond in hardness. The Sapphire sets well on platinum or silver, making a perfect substitute for the diamond.

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The Beauty of colors

For someone who is fond of old colours, an Emerald or Ruby is a great choice. They have a crystal like appearance of the Sapphire and Diamond, refracting light off their surface, while giving out a deep, rich colour and enhancing the personality of your loved one.  In deep colours, a more experimental choice is the Turquoise or a Lapis lazuli. Both these stone are opaque, But when paired with small diamonds or sapphires adds a sophisticated richness to a ring in pure silver or platinum.

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It’s her Color

While we’ve told you about the more popular gemstones that are amazing alternatives to diamonds on engagement rings, let’s also explore the more unknown ones that the woman of your dreams will get thoroughly surprised to see when you open that magical little box. A very pretty, oh-so-feminine stone is the Morganite, which is rose pink in colour and pairs perfectly set in a rose gold ring. So, Let the glory of rubies and diamonds adorn your hand.

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Elegant Pearl

Another stone is the classic pearl. The beautiful stone from the bottom of the oceans is not a popular choice usually, but when set in a simple gold setting in glistening white, it radiates a different beauty and elegance. An opal is a unique choice as well, looking very pretty when set in a cluster and paired with simple tiny diamonds. They radiate a rainbow of colours creating an effect that’s not seen very often with any other stone.

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With the wide variety of rings in unique designs and an amalgamation of beautiful gemstones that we offer at our store, diamonds are no longer the only choice when it comes to buy a diamond rings. So come to Krishna Jewellers Pearls and Gems, take your pick and surprise the love of your life with a unique gemstone ring with bond of Diamonds.