The Purest Gold Shines Bright Like You

Yellow in colour with the brightness of the Sun, gold is a precious metal that has been valued since time immemorial. Gold matches well with any gemstone, be it diamonds, pearls, rubies or emeralds. But the best part about gold is its ability to create spectacular gold jewellery without gemstones.

Gold and gold jewellery is a great investment. They also make great family heirlooms. One should be careful about the purity and certification of gold when buying jewellery. We at Krishna Pearls have got a list of 5 symbols you should look out for when buying gold and gold jewellery from a gold jewellery store.

BIS Standard Mark

This mark certifies that the purity and quality of the gold jewellery that is sold in India meets the standards that is laid down by the Bureau of Indian Standards.

Purity Grade

The purity grade is a 3-digit number stamped onto the gold jewellery. It signifies the purity of the gold being used, each number corresponding to a certain value in carats. For example, 999 corresponds to 24 carats which is also the purest gold can be, 958 to 23 carats and 916 to 22 carats.

Assaying and Hallmarking Centre’s Mark

One of the symbols you will find is the logo of a BIS authorised Assaying and Hallmarking Centre. This mark is an added certification to show the quality of the gold jewellery. There are many logos for the many BIS authorised centres.

Jeweller’s Identification Mark

This symbol is the logo or code of the jeweller you buy your gold jewellery from. Each jewellery brand has their own logo stamped into their gold jewellery products.

Year of Marking

The year of hallmarking is represented by a letter code. Each letter corresponds to a particular year, for example, A represents the year 2000, J is 2008 and P is 2012. This symbol represents the year the piece of jewellery was hallmarked.

Gold jewellery can be traditional and can be modern. It can be new or passed down from mother to daughter. Gold is a classic metal when it comes to wedding jewellery. It doesn’t matter what your outfit is, whether Indian ethnic or casual, Western formal or casual or a fusion between the two, there is a great variety of gold jewellery designs at Krishna Pearls that will match with it perfectly.

Antique Gold Jewellery

Antique gold jewellery speaks of heritage and traditions passed down for many generations. These exquisite designs are inspired by ancient India, with Indian ethnic motifs and intricate hand-carved details studded with the most vibrant of pearls, diamonds, rubies and emeralds. Wear these for weddings with your Indian ethnic wear for a more traditional Indian look.

Traditional but Contemporary Jewellery

These designs are traditional inspired by temple jewellery, but follow modern trends that could range from floral motifs to large statement gemstones. Smaller jewel-studded gold jhumkas can be worn with Western outfits for an Indo-western look, while elaborate gold necklace sets adorned with gemstones make great accessories for more formal occasions.


Modern-styled Jewellery

The simple and classy look can be achieved with smaller contemporary designs. They work well with most outfits Indian or Western, for casual and formal occasions. The motifs can be geometric or floral, with a smaller number of gemstones. Be it earrings, a bangle, ring, bracelet or a simple layered necklace, these gold jewellery pieces can be worn even to business meetings. White gold jewellery looks best for more contemporary styles.

Shop for a look that reflects who you are. Gold jewellery is priceless and the proper certification from the best gold jewellery stores goes a long way. Take home a timeless heirloom from one of Krishna Pearls and Jewellers’ extravagant gold jewellery collections, ranging from antique to modern pieces.

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