Tips & Tricks to clean and maintain your pearl jewellery

Jewellery for Indians is something of a status symbol. But, no matter how beautiful and elegant any jewellery piece looks, its strength and endurance is altogether a different matter. When it comes to pearls, they are famous for their simplicity and fragility. Whether your pearl is cultured or simulated, it requires a bit of an effort to keep them safe and clean. It is quite unlike gold and gemstones jewellery and requires a little effort and finesse from your side.

So why do you need to trouble yourself more on pearls rather than other pieces of jewellery? The reason is their natural coating known as nacre (pronounced nak-rey) which is what adds to the pearl’s lustre and its vulnerability as well.  Now let’s enlighten you with the things you need to do and take care of when it comes to keeping your pearls clean and lustrous.

Always clean them with a soft cloth before you put them on.

The best way to maintain your pearls is to avoid letting them get dirty in the first place. The trick is to gently clean them before you put them on.

Dip a soft cloth in a mix of lukewarm water and mild dish soap. Then rub your pearls softly to get rid of any visible stains (if there is any). Never ever use baking soda or ammonia on pearls, it can cause permanent damage to them. Do not use a hard brush or an abrasive cloth to clean pearls.

Always store your pearl jewellery separately in a soft bag.

If you want your pearls to last a lifetime, we recommended that you wear your pearl jewellery after applying your makeup, perfume or hair spray. The chemicals in them can damage its lustre.

Maintenance is key.

Once in a year, take your pearl jewellery for a re-stringing. This lessens the chances of breakage. If in case the silk thread used does break, tie knots to ensure that you don’t lose any of your precious pearls.

Also, avoid submerging your pearl jewellery in water as this weakens its silk thread.

We hope you enjoy wearing your pearls and these tips help you maintain them. If you have any more questions, we would be more than happy to help.