Travel friendly jewellery

We love travel, and we love weddings. Put the two together and you have a Great Indian Wedding along with a holiday on your calendar. As in typical in Indian weddings, there are many days of celebration, each with a different theme, which means different jewellery each time. Packing enough jewellery becomes a task, and while you already know carrying your pure heavy gold sets is not an option, wouldn’t it be great if you had a guide to help you pick your ornaments? That’s why we at Krishna Pearls have devised easy, travel-friendly jewellery tips to keep you the cynosure of eyes wherever you go while also keeping your baggage light!

Swap it and wear it
For those of you who are more traditional, we have a layered haar which can be turned into an elaborate hair ornament. So one day you’re the epitome of elegance with your heavy sari and a gorgeous haar, while the next day your ornamented hair takes the centre stage.
Your delicate necklaces with beads or stones can be wound up on your wrist to give it a classy twist. You can even open up a delicate bracelet with stones and wear it as a very modern maang tikka and watch everyone compliment you on your original style.

Detachable Jewellery
This is an eternal favourite and extremely convenient as well. While dangling earrings are beautiful, you don’t always want to wear them. Sometimes the classic look with studs and an up-do is all you need. But how many pairs of earrings will you pack to suit your moods? The trick is to invest in a pair that has a detachable layer and can easily be dressed up or dressed down, depending on the occasion and your mood.

If you love cocktail rings, we have just the thing for you. A lovely ornate ring, that’s detachable and can be used as a pendant too! This simple statement piece will garner attention however you choose to pair it up with both Indian and  Western wear.

A new trend that is still catching up is of scarf jewellery. A dainty scarf with an elaborate pendant attached to it dresses you up immediately. It can be used in placed of a dupatta if you want to experiment over Indian wear. You can also detach the pendant and string it on a chain for a contemporary look over gorgeous fusion wear.
Travelling with jewellery will now be so much fun, knowing how much you can play around and create fantastic new looks every day. So come over to Krishna Jewellers, Pearls & Gems, and start collecting your travel-friendly pieces now.

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