Types of Diamond Jewellery

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, there’s no question about that. So how much do you actually know about your best friend? Well, we’ve put together a checklist for you that ticks off the important things you should know about the different cuts and settings of diamond jewellery before you start buying them.

Uncut Diamonds

Very simply put, uncut diamonds are those in their natural form. They haven’t been cut, shaped or polished. Who would wear them, you say? You’ll be surprised to know that one of India’s very popular jewellery forms, polki, typically uses only uncut diamonds to be set in a base of gold. Jewellery using uncut diamonds is basically the purest form of diamonds that you can get. They don’t shine as much as cut diamonds do, but they have a unique class of their own that makes them extremely coveted by many women in India and across the world.


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Leafy design Rose gold with diamond

Cut Diamonds

Diamonds are cut in different styles by expert cutters to create different levels of refraction of rays of light. There are quite a few different cuts a diamond can have, and here we list out the three most popular ones.

Round cut

The most popular of all cuts, it is cut in a way to allow the maximum amount of light to refract form the top of the diamond. Almost 75% of diamonds are cut round.

Princess Cut

First discovered in 1890, this cut is very popular for engagement rings because of its high refractive capabilities and its classy finish. The combination of a square and round in its shape looks ethereal when set in platinum or silver.

Oval cut

While the oval cut exudes brilliant light and shine, it has the advantage of appearing larger than it actually is due to the elongated shape. Oval diamonds look very pretty in ear studs and pendants.

Other popular cuts

There’s also the Marquise cut, Emerald cut, Pear cut, Asscher cut and Heart cut in diamonds, all of them unique in their own ways and preferred mostly in engagement rings.

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Polki Diamonds Bangles

Diamond settings

Diamonds are primarily set in two basic ways – in open and closed settings. In an open setting, the diamond is not embedded into a base or held in place by claws. It is compressed slightly on either side by the metal, and allowed to refract off as much light as possible. This sort of setting is usually only possible in a ring or a pendant, where a single small diamond is used and it becomes the centre of attention in the jewellery piece.Closed set diamonds are embedded into the metal in a cluster to create the effect of a row of sparkle, or otherwise held in by a claw, like in a classic engagement ring or ear studs. This kind of setting works better when you have many diamonds to put together, or a rather large solitaire diamond that cannot otherwise be compressed by a metal.

Our simple guide helps you to decide better which cut and setting of diamonds you would prefer, but at Krishna Jewellers Pearls & Gems our experts will always be there to help you with selecting the perfect diamond jewellery for you.