Types of Sapphires and their Benefits

Sapphires are one of the most amazing naturally occurring gemstones, which have a mineral variety of corundum, and an oxide of aluminium. The colour of a sapphires may vary from blue, yellow, green, purple or orange, depending upon the trace impurities found in nature. The most popular varieties of this precious stone are as given below:

Blue sapphires

From vivid blue to a deep violet shade, blue sapphires are the most gorgeous of its kind. Most blue sapphires have some inclusion of silk in it, which gives it its rich colour and texture.  In Hindu astrology, the stone is known as Neelam and regarded as the stone of Saturn or Shani.

Sapphires help clear the mind of unwanted thoughts and energies, making it calm and meditative. This has its benefits in important decision making. It is also good for those inclined towards a spiritual lifestyle. Physically, blue sapphires are said to be able to cure bone fever and paralysis. They are powerful in amassing wealth and respect for people in authority or positions of power, like politicians and industrialists.


Blue Sapphire Pendant

Yellow sapphires

The yellow sapphire is also known as Pukhraj, and is the stone of Jupiter. It derives a number of properties from its home planet and its bright sunshine colour too, which is due to the presence of iron.

The yellow sapphire signifies wisdom, luck, prosperity and happiness. It is rather revered in Hindu astrology as the stone that brings happiness in marital relationships, especially for a woman. As is its core power, yellow sapphires also bring about wealth and prosperity in the financial and professional aspects of life.



Yellow Sapphire Finger Ring

Pink sapphire

The pink sapphire is a gorgeous rose shade that is extremely alluring and looks beautiful when plated in jewellery. The presence of chromium lends a vibrant shade of magenta to the stone, which is, in fact, extremely rare in sapphires, making them all the more desirable.

The pink sapphire is closely associated with the Sun, and has powerful effects like rubies. It can help cure emotional struggles like nerves, anxiety etc. because of its strong aura. Physically, it helps cure digestive problems.

The pink sapphire is recommended for people in the public eye – whether artists or administrators- to help them cope with negative aspects of the limelight, and also provide better financial opportunities.

Padparadscha sapphire

A very unique type of sapphire, this stone has a distinct pinkish-orange colour that makes it stand out from the rest. It is not a very commonly known colour amongst the sapphire family and thus popular only amongst gem enthusiasts.

The padparadscha sapphire helps remove negative emotions, replacing them with peace and happiness in a person. For professional benefits, this stone is recommended to those in the fields of justice and preaching as it helps build their judgement of people. Physically, it enhances the immune system of the wearer, and is especially helpful in treating skin problems.

Star sapphire

An interesting mix of grey and purple, this sapphire is rightly called so because of a property called asterism that gives a star shape caused by needle like inclusions that intersect each other at various points in the gemstone.

The star sapphire is extremely valuable and spiritual in nature. It helps in discovering one’s chakras or healing them, as is necessary. It helps open the third eye, which includes inner wisdom, instinct and clairvoyance. It is particularly beneficial in channelling healing energies and is used by people in the field of Reiki or gemstone healing.


Blue Sapphire Finger Ring

Sapphires are magical gemstones with enormous properties of different kinds. You need to know which one suits you and pick only a pure sapphire to obtain the benefits you require.